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ZMF Verite

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by heliosphann, Oct 3, 2018.
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  1. ProfFalkin
    I predict that will be a tough one to review. So many gadgets in there. Not your typical tube compliment either.
  2. Mrstump5
    How would you compare the soundstage to other zmf headphones or any headphone
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  3. commtrd
    Yes. Would really like to hear how Verite will compare to LCD4z. Because those are insane. The bar is set way high with 4z. Beautiful as the wood is, at the end of the day, it is all about the sound.
  4. Hansotek
    It depends on which pad you are using. The Universe pads are a bit more spacious (also warmer and punchier). Very deep like the Auteur, but a bit wider overall.

    The Verite pads feel a bit closer in, but they are also super clear and a bit brighter overall, so they aren’t congested or anything... it’s more like everything is magnified.

    Interesting contrast between the two, they sound very different. Almost like two different headphones. I prefer the Universe pads, but I could definitely see someone seeing things the other way around too.
  5. wazzupi
    This is through the glenn otl amp ?
  6. Hansotek
    The Glenn OTL and the Manley Absolute.
  7. wazzupi
    So you would say they complement the auteurs ?
  8. gLer
    Would be great if you get a chance to post your impressions with a solid state amp as well. Not all of us are as enamoured by tube amps as Zach is :p

    Super first impressions by the way! Would you say the sound is in-your-face like Elear in-your-face? Not talking about other qualities, just that particular impression.
    Last edited: Oct 29, 2018
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  9. Hansotek
    Yeah, it’s a little like the Blackwood Auteur had a baby with the Utopia. Universe pads make it a little more Auteurish and Verite pads make it a little more Utopiaish. Auteur is a bit more chilled out, whereas Verite is super vibrant and vivid.
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  10. Hansotek
    I will. I’ve got plenty of solid state gear sitting here too!

    I don’t really like the Elear, personally, so I can’t really give it much of a comparison. When I say it is in-your-face, I mean there is a ton of dynamic texture, transients are really snappy, and there is a lot of impact.
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  11. wazzupi
    I mean what two headphones would you own if one had to be a verite ? Auteurs ? Atticus ? Abyss ?

    Also the pair you have are of which wood ?
    Last edited: Oct 29, 2018
  12. gLer
    That’s great, can’t wait to read your full review. As for Elear, I’ve converted mine to an Elex, and prefer the more balanced sound as a result, but the description above is very close to how I’d describe the impact and speed of both the Elear and Elex FWIW.

    By the way, will you also be getting an Aeolus for review?
  13. Zojokkeli
    Any impressions how Verite compares to Ether 2?
  14. 2359glenn
    Cant put them down can you it's 4:00am
  15. Zachik
    Assuming you drive them from YOUR OTL... which tubes do you use? (I need to prepare... :wink:)
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