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ZMF Verite

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by heliosphann, Oct 3, 2018.
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  1. natto lover
    maybe, think more that he isn't blown away by every new toy on the market. I agree with most of his impressions on that specific post though
  2. wazzupi
    I didn't like the hekv2 ?!? I believe is what i heard locally... 0 dynamics just clean sound 0 musicality the hd800 is more fun-sounding.
  3. heliosphann
    HEK's can sound dynamic with the right gear. Which of course is true for a lot of headphones.
    Last edited: Oct 28, 2018
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  4. wazzupi
    I admit i feel like the gear i heard it with didnt Give it justice.
  5. Hifiearspeakers
    He panned the Fostex 909, the Ether Flow 2, and completely trashed the Empyrean. I haven’t heard any of them, unfortunately, but 99% of people who have heard the Empyrean have raved about it, and other than his opinion, everyone else who has heard the Ether Flow 2 seem to think it’s pretty special, too. Of course no one has to rave about new headphones, but he reduced the Empyrean to rubbish not worth more than $200. Really? A beautifully handcrafted headphone with a chassis made from a solid block of aluminum, CNC grills, an ingenious suspension headband design that distributes the weight evenly across the entire head instead of creating a hot spot, a carbon fiber headband, magnetically attached earpads, low impedance, high sensitivity, the first ever dual trace pattern planar ever created, less than .1% distortion across the entire frequency band, patented design neodymium magnets, and it comes with an aluminum carrying case, and everyone outside of this reviewer has either said they sound phenomenal or at least very good, but they’re not worth more than $200? That’s a fair review that should be taken seriously???
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  6. LCMusicLover
    His opinion of the EFO seems off to me — I don’t really agree with his criticisms. His opinion of Auteur is pretty much 180 out from mine. The notion that Auteur is comparable to a HEK seems bizarre, although mine is a v.2, and he mentioned v.1. But still....
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  7. heliosphann
    Yea, I've heard mostly positive things about all 3 of those headphones.

    Still, I'd take everything from a show report with a grain of salt. We should start to see some full reviews and impressions from home setup's in the next few weeks.

    What's funny is I replied to this post and didn't even see your gif until I posted my reply. :L3000:
    Last edited: Oct 28, 2018
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  8. Hansotek
    These are like.... shockingly good.

  9. Hifiearspeakers
    More details please???
  10. Sniperpr5
    I’m jelly! :L3000:
  11. Slim1970
    With the looks to match!
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  12. Hansotek
    A couple quick first impressions... Here are some things that really stand out to me so far as being excellent on Verite:

    Versus Blackwood Auteur, Auteur has a more chilled out and laid back sound. A natural ease. Music just kinda flows out of it. Verite is more in your face. Ultra dynamic. Bombastic even. It's like it digs down and just UNLEASHES the notes - everything has so much "pop" to it.

    Micro and macro dynamics are absolutely exceptional. Switching from anything else to Verite is like switching to 4K HDR - there is just sharper color and depth to every note. This is because the texture of continuously changing volumes is reproduced so incredibly accurately and clearly. Super tangible and ultra realistic texture. I can see why the name "Verite" was chosen.

    One of there really defining elements to the sound for me is the attack. Verite reproduces everything with a very tight, clear edge to it. Transients are A++++. I mean, when you talk about transient snap, this is about as good as it gets - has that electrostatic-like immediacy to it. Every sound that comes out of it, you're like, "I know exactly what the #$%& that sound is and where the $&?# it's coming from." It's just super assertive in it's sound. Love this!

    Bass on Verite is beyond first class. Impact is super stiff. Great sense of suddenness to it. Even more power than the blackwood Auteur, which is exceptional in the bass dept. Bass clarity is planar-like - you just get that extra level of detail down low that you usually can't get with dynamics - super clear and detailed. Never congested. Really great differentiation between different notes/sounds/instruments down there.

    If I'm boiling down the sound to one word, it would be "Vivid" - there is just so much color and contrast to the sound with gobs and gobs of clarity and dynamics. Very fun, exciting listen. Really loving what I've heard so far!
  13. jgwtriode
    Best impressions I have read so far. I have Blackwoods as well so that gives a very clear srnse. Yes I am going to have to get some Pheasentwoods!

    Thank you

    Happy listening
  14. ProfFalkin
    Is the Manly in for review, or did you buy it?
  15. Hansotek
    Reviewing that too!
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