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ZMF Verite

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by heliosphann, Oct 3, 2018.
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  1. SoundHelmet
    Speed of driver and Stif
    Here is a gif from ora graphene q kickstarer page used to illustrate the stiffness of their graphene diaphram. What they are actually demonstrating is driver break up but it's still related and sorta illustrates what i mean by "moving through the driver"

    A dynamic driver is pushes its diaphram in the center with the motor. The stiffness/(speed of sound) determines how well the diaphram moves together. The middle of the diaphram starts moving due to the motor, that movement propagates to the rest of the diaphram at the materials speed of sound.

    DISCLAIMER: All the stuff i am saying is just things i picked up here and there so i could a bit off on my a few things.
    Last edited: Oct 26, 2018
  2. felix3650
    That gif shows it quite accurately. You can imagine a hammer hitting different materials. The point of impact is the epicentre of the resulting sound wave. That wave propagates through the surface of the material, and based on the material's characteristics like porosity/surface roughness/density/etc, the sound produced will differ.

    The same principle applies to speaker cones. You could make a cone with wood, but it will absorb the wave "traveling" through it and output nothing but only parts of the audio frequency. You could make it of steel but it will require more power to move and the sound will be very harsh and piercing. It's all about compromises :)
  3. wazzupi
    Are there anymore impressions or comparisons between auteur and verite ?
  4. zach915m
    Finally getting a number of sets out to reviewers etc, should be more impressions in the coming week!
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  5. LCMusicLover
    So my review set — for comparison w/ my Blackwood Auteur (and Utopia) should arrive next week? :L3000:

    Looking forward to impressions/reviews.
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  6. wazzupi
    if true i must know >_< first impressions and full review <3
    Last edited: Oct 28, 2018
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  7. novisnick
    I too a waiting for the comparison between the Auteurs and Verite!
    Inquiring minds and all that!
  8. KcMsterpce
    I sure hope the sound signature isn't "Veri-TAME", amIright? Anyone?
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  9. jinxy245
    There's a joke in there somewhere.
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  10. jinxy245
    I'm really looking forward to more impressions.
    (I think most on this thread are...do I win the obvious overload award?)
    In particular, I'm curious about the mids. I seem to be more sensitive there than with treble...the Auteur (with Auteur pads) was a little hot there for my tastes (not so with the Eikon pads).
    Neither pads were overdone though IMO...
    I'm wondering where the final tuning of the Verite falls on that spectrum.
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  11. heliosphann
  12. novisnick
    And its anti-Auteurs! Love the Auteurs but don’t want a similar sound.

    Wheres the review?
  13. natto lover
  14. Hifiearspeakers
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  15. heliosphann
    Which headphones are you referring to?

    He gave the Verite his "pick of the show". Didn't say much about the Auteurs, but I certainty wouldn't compare them to the HEKv1's (which I also own and love).
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