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ZMF Verite

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by heliosphann, Oct 3, 2018.
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  1. koven Contributor
    I think Verite is as resolving as HD800 and Utopia. I've had both and didn't really love either entirely. I liked Utopia more but both were ultimately too thin and fatigue inducing. They were enjoyable in short bursts but not sustainable long term to me. Verite is more laid back and organic yet manages to retain similar speed and micro detail. This almost seems contradictory but that is the unique balance of Verite and why it is one of my favorite flagship tuning.
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  2. lentoviolento
    Ahahahah utopia is made by some guy with baguette crumbles on their short. You are the hero of the day.
    I don't want to know how you would describe italian guys ..
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  3. heliosphann
    Well, my grandparents were from Italy, so AMAZING PEOPLE! :grin:
  4. Phantaminum
    It has a mid bass bump but not to the extent as the Atticus. It’s a much more refined presentation and if you purchase the Verite pads it becomes neutral.

    I still crack smiles thinking of the ridiculous mid bass on the Atticus.
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  5. heliosphann
    Atticus is all about amp pairing. You get it going with the right tube amp and you don't even notice the midbass. All sweet spot.
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  6. Phantaminum
    No kidding. The Atticus is definitely amp dependent.

    I really loved that mid bass thump though. It was great for rock and metal. :metal:

    I really do miss that headphone.
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  7. Miracle1980
    Hello, I didn’t consider it mainly because of its low price...at the end it’s 1/3 of headphones and dac (Menuet) price. I really don’t want to sacrifice any quality if I buy the Verite. Does anyone actually tried them with the NFB-1?
  8. Wildcatsare1
    Once my Vérité were in the House, I sold my Utopia, their detail being similar, but the Vérité winning in intonation, soundstage, musicality and 0 fatigue.
  9. Miracle1980
    Congratulations for the review... I “felt” you. Which amplifier did you use with them?
  10. lentoviolento
    I don't think you would sacrifice anything, don't let the price tag influence your judgment. If i ain't wrong zach tuned some hps with audio gd gear
  11. hikaru12
    Thanks for your opinions on it - I really enjoyed the Utopias detail but it was too bright. Listening to Jazz tracks was like drilling screws through my ears. They got sibilant fast but they were very fast paced and had more detail than the HD800s from what I can remember.

    A little mix of everything but I think the midbass could have been my amp (doubt it tho because at the time of my Atticus I had a Dragon Inspire IHA-1 by all accounts, a lean bass amp but very detailed and clean focused amp). Good to know pad swaps and just the overall open nature has settled that down a bit. Honestly, I do think the Atticus had silkier mids than my LCD 2's but they didn't strike me as a Super HD650 as once touted. I didn't really consider them that much of an upgrade. It's nice to know the Aeolus would be a bigger upgrade than that.

    That's good to know. Honestly what I loved most about the Auteurs was the detail that could be explored at my leisure as well. They were just as detailed as the HD800s but the detail would kind of just float around you and they were very transparent. Have you heard any of Audezes lineup? I'm starting to move from enjoying super rich, silky mids towards detailed, clear mids. I think the mids on the Auteurs probably struck a good balance with this - the Elears in my opinion have the detailed mids I'm looking for. Would you consider the mids on the Verite glossed over?

    I love Zach's craftmanship and his work through his cables and accessories. I think he delivers excellent value for what you get which is why I'm interested in finding another flagship. Right now the Elears are my favorite despite everyone claiming how screwy their mids are - I don't really notice it but it could just be some tube magic cleaning it up. It does come out in certain tracks but you'd really have to be listening for it (basically intently noticing any volume changes in female vocals). The Elears are rich, airy, (could use more treble, looking into tubes/pad swaps), and have just enough bass to keep me happy (I'm not a bass head). They also have great dynamics and detail retrieval. I preferred them over the more neutral Clears. I think the Utopia/Elegias/Elex had the best detail retrieval but the elear strikes a good compromise. Before I dump a ton of money into fine tuning them I'd love to get the chance to hear the Verities. I might look into dealer options to see if I can at least return it if I don't like their sound (I doubt I would do that tho but who knows!)
    Last edited: Apr 15, 2019
  12. Wildcatsare1
    Very nice, I share your enthusiasm for the Vérité, maybe I’m a grumpy old man, but I’m not as understanding of Zeos’s reviews though.

    Also, I found your comments on the other site amusing, it is a bit more soul crushing than alternatives, but too me, that’s it’s charm.
  13. ehqhvm
    Haha thanks - and yeah, I agree, it's almost like a "guilty pleasure" for me :p and I do love a lot of the content in there. Honestly I just wanted to poke fun at them a little bit.
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  14. ehqhvm
    Thanks! I use these with a THX-789 and a Fiio Q5 sometimes. Both with balanced cables and both sound amazing to my ears :)
  15. heliosphann
    I liked when he said "So F#$k You Zach". :laughing:
    Last edited: Apr 15, 2019
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