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ZMF Verite Closed-New Closed Back ZMF Flagship.

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by Monsterzero, Jul 22, 2019.
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  1. Slim1970
    Yes, there are few headphones that have that "Wow" effect. The Verite closed is one of them!
  2. jmac1516
    Those zebra wood closed Verites look AMAZING and I’m sure sound as good as they look!
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  3. Monsterzero
    Yeah,I saw those and my jaw was on the floor.
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  4. whirlwind
    I definitely like the look of Zach's closed cans better...much more gorgeous wood to look at instead of the grills.
    Not saying the grills don't look good as they most certainly do...but the closed cans with killer grain are definitely jaw dropping!
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  5. Zachik
    Unless you're sitting in front of a mirror - you'll have to choose between looking at them, or listening to them... Just saying :wink:
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  6. Wheel Hoss
    Actually I have my Atticus sitting out right now (see avatar). Makes me happy to stare at it as I mournfully strum my parlor guitar.
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  7. mixman
    I put my hands over the grills on my Verite last night and actually the sound didn’t really change so a closed Verite should pretty much sound the same. I also saw in the Stellia forum, someone mentioned they bought a pair at CanJam London. Asked him to come here and give impressions on how they sounded there.
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  8. Imusicman
    Finally got around to hearing ZMF headphones for the 1st time at London CanJam today. Didn’t get the chance yesterday as the stand was always busy when I tried. I have to say the headphones did not disappoint. My wife and I tried several open back headphones inc the Verite and the also closed backs inc the new Verite. They were all excellent IMHO, however the highlight for me was the closed back Verite. I couldn’t believe how fantastic they sounded. Closed backs that were open sounding. I know this sounds like a contradiction but that’s exactly what I heard. What Zac and the team have achieved is incredible IMHO. This is also coming from a Stellia & Elegia owner. Every song I played on Tidal and from my SP1000 sounded amazing. They are slightly harder to drive than the Stellia, probably more similar to the Utopia judging by my volume setting. 85 for the Stellia 105 for the Verite. Great show noise isolation, detailed but warm in signature, full bodied with a nice amount of slam. I didn’t find them heavy only very, very comfortable. I have to say meeting Bevan & Zac was also great. They came across as really friendly, genuinely nice people. Needless to say I purchased the VCB today
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  9. heliosphann
  10. smeksime
    I don’t think it’s as simple as that. Hours of R&D were put into them where tuning and figuring out the air chamber process is most likely different to the open Verite.

    @Imusicman you guys are making me want to sell one of my Verite’s, but I think I’m over that point where one is for sheer beauty and the other is of sentimental value. Can’t wait to get my hands on one.
  11. mixman
    Didn’t say there was no R&D and he just slapped Closed wood on the Verite, just that there probably isn’t a crazy difference in sound between the two. Slim who has heard both mentioned this. I would wish for a touch more prescience though in the closed.
  12. bmichels
    I wish I could come to Canjam to listen to the ZMF Verite closed with my A&K SP1000.

    I wonder if the A&K SP1000 is powerfull enough to bring the ZMF Verite closed to it's FULL potential.

    Anyone know some ZMF Verite closed's specs like efficiency and weight ? And... the price ?

    And a listening comparaison with the Focal Stellia will be welcome. Battle for the best closed back ? :wink:
    Last edited: Jul 28, 2019
  13. Wheel Hoss
    All you ZMF open back lovers are about to get amazed at the size of the soundstage a closed back can is capable of producing.
  14. mixman
    While I love the Stellia's sound and think it is the best in Focal's lineup, the small soundstage, for the price, just keeps me from hitting the purchase button. So if the Verite Closed has the same or close soundstage as the open........great!
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  15. walakalulu
    I listened to both the Stellias and Verite closed at the Canjam on Saturday. We’re talking chalk and cheese here. Both are excellent in their own way as closed backs but are very different in tonality.
    The ZMF’s strengths lie in a richness without loosing detail although the Verite is to my ears the least rich of the line.Needs a powerful amp though and it lost depth and body when run through an Audioquest Cobalt although the latter is a portable device so I guess an unfair pairing. Think a room with drapes and well damped as a venue.
    The Stellia is probably more detailed and brighter, tighter and focussed. The typical Focal sound. Think of a lightly damped room as a venue. More towards the electrostatic tonality.
    Also the Focals are lighter and less cumbersome if that’s important.
    Best have both i guess.......
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