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ZMF Ori (Omni) - Upcoming Semi Open Flagship

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by levaix, May 28, 2015.
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  1. avsmusic1
    I think the Auteur is my next purchase. I’m not looking to have a ton of cans- more like 2 or 3 with complementary sounds. The Auteur seems like an obvious option for a mostly open back pairing.
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  2. BuddhaBruce
    Can you elaborate on the differences between the 2? I used to own an Eikon but found it too heavy and bulky for me. I wasn’t able to look down at my desk
  3. BuddhaBruce
    Wow... first impressions very lush, very smooth.

    What do people think about these against the newest fazor lcd2?
  4. Pharmaboy
    I own (& love) an ormosia henryi Ori. Also have heard at length in my system, an aluminum LCD-2 fazor of recent vintage; also have a padauk Eikon, a useful closed back comparator to the Ori. IMHO, beyond the Ori & LCD-2f having planar drivers, these are very different headphones:

    Ori: closed back (or "mostly closed, if you count the vents), yet w/impressive soundstaging & large sense of musical space, 2nd only to the Eikon there. As you say, the Ori is very lush & smooth. Bass is among the best I've ever heard, also the best example of that particular smooth-yet-explosive thing only planars can do: bass is large, impactful, yet not intrusive or over-done...it's suave & musical. I think the mids are very well done, full of information, musically presented, though admittedly not as resolving as the Eikon. I like the treble on this headphone. I don't hear the treble deficiencies some ascribe to this particular planar driver. I have heard better, more resolved treble on other headphones (Eikon; J-Mod/HD650 mod; Auteur), but am happy w/what the Ori does. Finally, the Ori is heavy, but w/a Pilot Pad on the headband, it's the most comfortable full-size headphone I've tried.

    LCD-2f: A planar, but wide open in design, which makes it feel & sound somewhat different that any closed back. I like the bass here: it's relatively flat & neutral w/good sub-bass (a bit less than the Ori). Bass doesn't dominate or mess w/the mids. I think the Ori's bass is a little deeper, richer, more impactful, but the LCD is above average there. Mids are also good with above average resolution, not fatiguing. Upper mids/lower treble can get a bit bright, though--guessing that's the fazor. It's source- and music-dependent, but this headphone can become too incisive for me. I don't hear some of the anomalies (ragged response, suppressed treble, overly warm) some mention for this headphone. Soundstaging is a mixed bag: a little more precise than the Ori, but not nearly as large/expansive.

    NOTE: I have a late 2012 vintage pre-fazor LCD-2.1 in perfect condition, and find it better than the recent fazor in nearly every way except comfort (the original/old-style headband is a PITA...I'll soon try a recent Audeze LCD-2C headphone on the 2.1--expect some improvement). Sonically, I prefer to the fazor. It has a bit more warmth (which I like), slightly more/better soundstaging, and a more cohesive sound from top-to-bottom.
    Net/net: IMO both the Ori & the LCD-2.1 pre-fazor are keepers. They're somewhat different, but both very good & pleasing to me.
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  5. koover
    I'll be receiving my Ori today. Looking forward to it. Perfect timing too as I started vacation today. It's going to be interesting and fun to hear just how these compare to everything else I own. I'm still a bit concerned they're gonna sound too much like my Atty.
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  6. koover
    Well after about an hours head-time?.....impressed. This is the sound signature I've been looking for. I'm so surprised how much I like these already. The bass is insane (sub bass) with no bleed into the other 2 frequencies along with an extraordinary soundstage for a semi closed back. Very well done and balanced nicely.

    What kind of fairy dust did Zach sprinkle on these? As for treble roll off, I guess it depends on your preferences and point of view. There is zero roll off to me as I'm treble sensitive. They are very detailed and extend plenty enough for me. I already can tell there'll be zero fatigue listening for hours on end if I choose to do so. The mids are excellent and rival the bass as the star of the show. I really like these and it "isn't" placebo. I've heard enough headphones when it can be the new toy syndrome.
    Last edited: Sep 23, 2018
  7. Pharmaboy
    There are still people out there who persist in viewing the Ori (formerly Omni) as just another T50RP mod. I've read plenty of descriptions of the sound of stock T50RPs (MkII & III)--those descriptions never really match what I hear from the Ori.

    I think the "secret sauce" in the Ori sound is a combination of:
    • exhaustively ear-tested mods, including those beautiful & resonant wooden cups + sound shaping/attenuation materials; and
    • equally important, "voicing" the Ori to ensure it sounds musical and real (like real music)...juast as a luthier endeavors to voice a built guitar
    I've been into headphones heavily for 3+ years, and into 2-channel audio, then desktop audio for 35+ years. I've always been struck by how few audio products strive to actually sound musical, to convey the emotional impact of music played in space. ZMF headphones are definitely in that group.
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  8. BuddhaBruce
    I can’t tell and haven’t had enough headtime but the sound somewhat veiled in the mids. Like there is some bloat in the lower mids causing a lack in clarity. Need more testing against my lcd2, hex v2, and th900.

    These guys need a lot of juice to run though.
  9. Wes S
    I will have mine tomorrow! I am pumped!
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  10. koover
    I simply don't agree with others who say these are just a mod and whoopdee do. In all reality, they are, but what does that have to do with anything? LOL. If they don't sound like a T50RP and are a stunning work of art, who cares. I agree with you as it just doesn't matter! These are excellent, checks off all the boxes I'm looking for in a headphone and then some. They're as musical as any headphone I've heard to date...well, maybe the Auteur might capture that title (or even the Eikon) but bottom line, these sound like what music is supposed to sound like. I can listen to them all day just as I have today. Zach's tuning and house sound (as I've said before) is 100% in my wheelhouse and may just put everything else I own out to pasture.

    Did you get anymore head-time? I sure did, probably a good 4-5 hours today. Really enjoying them. What wood are yours?
    They definitely go deeper then the Atticus in the sub bass but both are outstanding in their overall bass response and are just different. The Ori also has a bit more sparkle that's clean, detailed and resolving. I'm very pleased with their soundstage as the separation of instrument placement is outstanding for a closed back. To me, there's plenty of clarity as I'm blown away just how great these sound to my ears. As for the mids, maybe just a wee bit veiled? I don't know, I really need many more hours to really make that determination. There's some tracks where the mids are forward and others where they are slightly pushed back. I believe that has just as much to do with how the track was mixed/recorded then it is versus the way the headphone was tuned.

    Overall, I think the mids are pretty much spot on especially when I rolled in a set of 1950's NOS 2C51 Tung Sol which REALLY brought the mids forward while staying clean and uncolored. These tubes don't color the sound (a friend just made that comment to me) which I never really looked at that way. When really listening carefully, I have to agree. The Tung Sol with the Ori is a very good combo with the gear I have. I could see myself selling the Atticus (I see an Auteur in my future) but I'll certainly wait a while until I'm settled in with the Ori. So far, so very, very good.
    Last edited: Sep 23, 2018
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  11. SilverEars
    It's difficult to place neutral and Audeze in the same sentence. Hard to believe upper mids/lower treble can get bright with LCD2. LCD2 characteristic is generally a bit recessed there. When you move further up, it picks up.
    Last edited: Sep 23, 2018
  12. whirlwind
    Yep....the sub bass alone is enough to make these headphones keepers.
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  13. BuddhaBruce
    I have the Ori in Bocote. I had not gotten the chance sadly :frowning2: but I realized these don't play well with glasses (thicker framed ones). Once I removed my glasses, everything became more clear and the sub bass was evermore so present. They are fundamentally different than most my headphones giving a very warm and lush sound signature. The sub bass is excellent and not overdone as I feel sometimes true with my TH900. But where the TH900 mids sound a bit thin lacking the lower mids to give it body, the Ori does the exact opposite. What tracks/music are you testing on with the Oris?

    I'm currently running my Ori off a CMA400i. Which is a pretty neutral laid back amp with slight warmth. However, that may be attributing to why I feel these to be overly lush/smooth for me. Not a bad thing in any sense as I definitely enjoy these headphones. These are very different than most headphones I've tried. Similar headphones I wish I still had to compare them to would be my Campfire Cascades, Meze 99, and ZMF Eikon. From memory the Eikon has a decent amount more resolution and more space and air in the mids. Gonna go home today and really just sit down and listen. From my current collection, I think I will compare these to my LCD2 and TH900. I can only keep one!
  14. avsmusic1
  15. BuddhaBruce
    Here's my dilemma... I realistically can only have 2 headphones... I was planning on having 1 open and 1 closed. I was thinking my closed should be a bassy, warm headphones whereas the open would be wide, airy, precise, and more analytical. I just have too many headphones. The Utopia is on it's way, but it was an impulse buy and ALOT of money despite the current offerings. So conflicted, but I can't keep this much value in this hobby for much longer. I need more time with the Ori, but I think it has the potential to become something I very much love.

    Has anyone compared the Ori to the Cascade?

    Closed Contenders - ZMF Ori, TH900, Campfire Cascade, Campfire Andromeda

    Open Contenders - Hifiman HeX V2, Focal Utopia, LCD-2 (I like the HeX over the LCD2 so far)
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