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ZMF Ori (Omni) - Upcoming Semi Open Flagship

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by levaix, May 28, 2015.
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  1. Odin412
    Absolutely, it's a forgiving headphone, but I don't feel like I'm missing out on detail. All the nuances of the music are there, but they aren't in your face like they would be in an HD800, for example. Preferences (and what sound you're in the mood for) will play a big role here.

    Not 'forensic' - this is a really good description of how the Ori sounds to my ears. It's a headphone for enjoying, not analyzing music.
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  2. Vitaly2017
    I understand its a very good hp. I did a big moove and did something quiet very different.

    I decided to buy a custom empire ears phantom!

    Its very insane and good iem seriously. It has huge details unlimited abilitys to do textures and layering plus details. Its one hell of a unique iem I was very impressed.

    Its also warm and very good bass like bass i never heard anywhere else. The textures off bass was like different with every song that played. It marked me so much I still underimpression after 1 week of use.

    And also its supet light and has sound isolation compare to headphones.

    Ori was a very good contender but I decided for phantom.
  3. Wes S
    Always amazed when one chooses iem's over full sized cans. I just don't see how they can even compete?
  4. Vitaly2017
    I know but I also have circumstances of noisy environment. And trust me if you hear phantom you might change your opinion I was like that to very sceptical.
    They sound powerfull large and nicely warm and the bass again is insanely detailed. I could literaly hear dust falling in it.

    Of course it might not have some parts of what a bog hp can do but it very little.
  5. Giallofan
    Is there anyone who could possibly compare the Ori to the Atticus?
  6. whirlwind
    The Ori is more sub bass oriented and the Atticus more mid bass oriented.

    The bass slams hard with both headphones.

    Both have wonderful lush mids and a treble that is very easy on the ears and not fatiguing

    Both have a great sound stage for a closed can ...I would give the edge in detail to the Atticus.
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  7. katulu
    my orimilo.jpg

    My new Ori (Padauk, Grecian copper sliders) + Milo and some ancillary equipment. I'm LOVING these headphones, they sound amazing! Thanks, Zach!
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  8. whirlwind

    Congrats, some great gear there.
    The Ori is a very addictive headphone, especially the sub bass
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  9. Pharmaboy
    +1 (x10)
  10. avsmusic1
    I often check in on the ZMF threads just to oogle the pics
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  11. Wes S
    Me too, and I finally pulled the trigger on some Blackwood. The Ori is next on my list. ZMF rocks!
  12. Violent_Sneeze
    Zach hooked me up with some B-stock bocote Oris and I couldn't be happier at the moment! They definitely live up to all the positive reviews I've read, they're hard to put down! I love how breathtakingly natural and present the midrange sounds, having had the TH900 for a year. What a breath of fresh air to not have recessed mids.

    I'm glad I sold the TH900, that nagging feeling that something was missing from the overall presentation was unbearable. With the Ori I feel like I'm getting everything I want. And it's such an involving and totally fun listen to boot. Usually I'm surfing the internet while I'm listening, but with the Ori all I wanna do is stare at my screen doing absolutely nothing but become totally immersed in the music...
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  13. whirlwind
    That Bocote is beautiful wood.......congrats and enjoy.
    It indeed is a fun headphone.
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  14. katulu
    Pic or didn't happen... :D
  15. Violent_Sneeze
    20180908_021100.jpg 20180908_020849_001.jpg 20180908_021221.jpg
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