ZMF Eikon, Ori and Pilot Pads on MassDrop

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  1. OldDude04
    I'm looking forward to the "ZMF Faux Suede" pads to use on my M1060. Thanks for being a company that isn't stingy with their pads, unlike other companies I'll leave unnamed.
  2. ithilienrp
    Just joined the drop for the Ori Perforated. Want to try it on my Kennerton Odin.
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  3. paradoxology
    In on the drop for a pair of Eikon lambskin and a pilot pad for my TH-X00. Looking forward to comparing them to the Dekoni lambskin pads I have right now.
  4. pipopl
    Hello Zach, is the ORI Pads OK for the Final Audio Sonorous VI (Prev. Pandora) ? and the Head band ? Thks.
  5. SAndreev
    I'm very interested in "flatter" version of Ori pads to use on my Denon D7200. I find that normal Ori pads change the 7200's sound signature too much (mostly due to increased thickness), but, damn, they are SO comfortable.
  6. Nick-s-f
    Pardon me if I missed it, but will the perforated pads be available on the ZMF site in the future? Are they a limited run/massdrop only? I might spring for some extra Ori pads but I don't use massdrop, thanks.
  7. Silent Xaxal
    Any news on the next drop? My transaction had a payment processing error and was looking forward to getting some Eikon Lambskin pads.
  8. Aphex72
    This wait is going to be long. Wishing to receive my Ori lambskin pads to test on my HE-400i and TH-X00. Depending on the results maybe later I will look for another pair.
  9. starman93
    Hi Gym_Turtle,interested in the Amiron Home,the member who created the dedicated thread,says it has ,i quote,[a smaller,but broader treble]than the dt 1990 pros ,i didn't like the dt 1990 pros for their treble(maybe burn-in period would have sorted it out),would you confirm?thx.
  10. Gym_Turtle
    I didn’t end up buying them as I planned on saving for ZMF headphones instead. However, I tried them briefly at a store and can say that it’s not as bright as the DT1990 Pros, definitely warmer and more laid-back.
  11. equalspeace
    check my avatar
  12. junki
    Zach when oh when will these be on Massdrop again!
  13. SAndreev
    I'm still waiting on more info on a thinner version of Ori pads too.
  14. theangelboy
  15. Beau Cauchemar
    Anyone who purchased the perforated pads care to comment on their sound? I can't find anyone who has pad-rolled with either of the perforated pads from ZMF. I currently have the Ori sheepskin pads on my 4XX and enjoy them, but am wanting to get a bit more air.
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