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ZMF Eikon in Padauk and RHA CL750 (both immaculate condition)

Discussion in 'Headphones for Sale / Trade' started by BuddhaBruce, Dec 1, 2017.
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  1. BuddhaBruce
    For Sale
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    •   United States

    I have too many headphones and need to offload a few of them. They are all in pristine condition kept away in packaging in a non smoke environment. They don't get the head time they deserve!

    I am local to NYC so any local trades can get discounts

    TIMESTAMP: https://imgur.com/a/TuZW2


    ZMF Eikon

    Up first is a gorgeous ZMF Eikon in Padauk wood. Beautiful grain of wood and an organic full sound. The cans are in excellent condition 10/10 and was always kept in the included hardshell Pelican case. Comes with all original components including a balanced cable. I am the second owner and put about 20-30 hours on these myself.

    Price: $975.00 shipping included

    **RHA CL750**

    Recently received these in a trade. The previous owner used them for about 20 minutes and decided they don't fit him properly. Practically brand new. I have not tried them but if it's anything like the MA750, then I can say it's sound punches way above its price point. All original packaging and accessories included. No tips were open besides one pair.

    Price: $75.00 Shipping included


    Feel free to PM me with any questions :)
  2. BuddhaBruce
  3. cute
    What headphones get more head time than the Eikon?
  4. BuddhaBruce
    My AFOs atm. TBH the thing about the Eikon is that because it's so woody, heavy, and robust. It has an heirloom like quality to them. Therefore I leave it in its pelican case while the AFOs sit nicely on my desk. I handle them extremely gently due to the Eikon's weight, and even though they are solid I'll never even put it down on my desk, I'll put it on my mousepad.

    I don't pull out the Eikon as often as I should or want. I want to be able to sit down hours on end and just listen to music if I do pull them out (which is rare to come across for me these days). I know it sounds weird but they're not as accessible to me as my AFOs.

    Regarding the sound, the AFO is completely different and I would not say it's better than the Eikon at all... cause it's not. The Eikon remains the best sounding headphones I've tried to date! (not many)

    The Eikon has what the AFO lacks... and now talking about it I wonder why I put it up for sale. The Eikons got subbass and rumble where the AFO is mostly prominent in it's midbass. The mids feel more liquid and smooth, not as present (lack of better words, shouty) as the Aeons are. I love the mids on the EIkon. And soundstage is actually better on the Eikon. But AFO has it's strengths as well :)
  5. cute
    What is AFO?
  6. BuddhaBruce
    Sorry, Aeon Flow Open

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