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ZMF Blackwood VS Mrspeakers Aeon Flow Closed

  1. DrSeven
    Ive narrowed my search for a complementary closed headphone to the Focal clear down to these two as they supposedly sound similar to the LCD2 pre fazor and LCD2C sound signature and I very much would exactly like something like that ( the LCD XC didnt fit the bill unfortuantely ).
    I had some other awesome recommendations by some super nice members here and I appreciate them as well!
    My problem is Im from Germany and we have a hard af time getting either of those brands so I will have to order them from the US without listening to them at first.
    Hence I was hoping someone here could tell me a little more about these two cans.
    If they both on par Id probabaly prefer the Aeon as its sometimes available in eBay Uk and I believe the warranty transfers.
    Thanks already for all help!

    Edit: i mainly listen to Pop, Rock and heavy Metal. And vocals + guitars are the things I am most focused on when listening
    Last edited: Jun 17, 2018
  2. Monsterzero
    I no longer have either headphone but IIRC theyre completely different sounding...

    AFC has great tonality and air. Bass goes down fairly deep but it lacks rumble and texture in the mids and lows. Very comfortable.

    ZMF Blackwood is a very warm sounding headphone that you can adjust the level of bass with plugs into ports. The presentation is pushed back aways. I really liked it for trance music.


    Both are good headphones. Get:

    AFC for good all around clear listening,excitement be damned.
    ZMF if you like a warm bassy laidback presentation.
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  3. DrSeven
    Thanks that's some awesome impressions.
    I forgot to add:
    I mainly listen to Pop, Rock and heavy Metal. And vocals + guitars are the things I am most focused on when listening

    Edit sounds like they would complement each other quite good!
    Last edited: Jun 17, 2018
  4. Monsterzero
    Well to be honest, I didn't think either are spectacular for rock and metal,which is what I listen to most of the time .
    What's your budget and amp situation?
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  5. DrSeven
    I'm mainly using a chord Hugo2 and a Colorfly C4.
    Budget I'd say around 1k as I only want them as a secondary pair of cans for mainly on my balcony ( hence also the closed nature I'm looking for)
  6. Monsterzero
    I would look long and hard at the ZMF Atticus. It absolutely is spectacular for rock and metal. I'm not sure on the Hugo 2 pairing personally but try asking in the Atticus thread
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  7. Rhamnetin
    Calling the Blackwood "laid back" is misleading in my opinion. The HD 650 is laid back, much lower treble response and lacks energy for fast, dynamic, hard hitting music. The Blackwood however does not lack energy for such music, like rock and heavy metal. In fact, it is one of the most fun headphones I have listened to for these genres. Also that much sub-bass slam (more than 99% of headphones) can never be called laid back!

    This laid back vs not laid back characteristic however is also altered by plugging bass ports. All three unplugged will be the most laid back with the most and loosest mid-bass. The more bass ports you plug, the less laid back it becomes and the more neutral it becomes. With a decent to really good amp, I prefer plugging one bass port. With a not so good amp (and/or DAC I guess), I prefer all three bass ports unplugged to help reduce harshness introduced by the amp.
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  8. DrSeven
    Thanks! Is the Atticus closed as well?
  9. Rhamnetin
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  10. Monsterzero
    Yes the Atticus is closed closed back.

    Perhaps laid-back isn't the right term.
    To my ears and thru my gear, with one port plugged the Blackwood sounded distant, like you're a ways back from the stage. I prefer a more upfront presentation especially for rock and metal
  11. Rhamnetin
    Interesting. Compared to the LCD-2 though which the TS is familiar with, I'll say that the Blackwood is about as up front as that.
  12. Monsterzero
    I'm not interested in a debate really just sharing my opinions on headphones I have owned.
    At one point in time I have owned the Atticus, Blackwood, LCD 2.2 pf, and have had the 1more Triple Driver and Aeon Flow closed in on loan for reviews. They're all gone except for the Atticus.
    FWIW I am a devout mid - head. It's all about the guitars sound and texture and vocals. That's where the Atticus truly shines, up there with legendary mids from the AKG sextettts and AD2000s
  13. DrSeven
    Thanks!!! I agree with the hd650 description because that's why I sold mine long ago. Sounds like I'll need the Blackwood at some point after all... I was afraid that would happen xD
  14. DrSeven
    Thanks for the measurements! I think that makes them not the perfect "additional" headphone. But in general I might keep them in mind and if only I could try them here in Germany somehow I might end up buying them at some point but like this it's too risky to just order them ... Plus there is tons of taxes on them if I order from the us. :frowning2:
    That's also the only thing holding me back on the Blackwood.
    So I'll need to decide to either pay a lot of customs and get the Blackwood without listening or the aeon from a European retailer. Tough one :/
    Thanks for all the descriptions. All cans sound like a worthy addition to my collection and top performers.
    Last edited: Jun 17, 2018

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