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ZMF Auteur Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by PacoTaco, Oct 15, 2017.
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  1. LoryWiv
    I am using Feliks-Audio Elise tube amp, not TOTL although not inexpensive either. Synergy w/Auteur is phenomenal. There is great discussion on the Elise and Euforia threads about tube options, many of them modestly priced and even new production. I am very happy with Elise --> Auteur and it has put my chronic upgraditis into complete remission.
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  2. Preachy1
    I second that emotion
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  3. Celty
    Thank you all for the feedback on amplification for the Auteur! While I have begun my patient wait for mine (that is a lie of course, I am anxious to receive it :beyersmile: ), I'll ponder your suggestions. I do like that the Monolith 887 is an extremely clean amp:
    So I'll have a very good idea what the Auteurs sound like with a "neutral" or "transparent" amp with ample power. That seems like a good starting point to reference any future tube amps. That's my logic at least. from an admitted neophyte.
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  4. phthora
    I use my Auteurs with the Benchmark HPA4, an amp which has similar tech and overall sound to the Monolith 887. That combination is absolutely wonderful at preserving the musical soul of the Auteur while also letting its underappreciated technical merits really shine. I used to think the Auteur was a bit slow, overly smooth, and rolled-off, but after hearing it with the HPA4, I realize that those characteristics were just a result of my previous amp. Now I find that the Auteur has a surprisingly deep low-end, beautifully detailed mids, and well above average soundstage and imaging. Truly, it has become one of my favorite headphones now. I suspect the 887 will deliver the same sort of qualities. The 789 mostly does.

    Although, I wonder if, like me, you'll find the desire for a tube amp drastically lessened after hearing the Auteur with a super clean solid state.
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  5. ksorota
    Just as another point of reference. I previously used the WA7 + TP but have since moved to the Gilmore lite mk2 and actually prefer it with the Auteurs. The improved speed and tightness is really engaging.

    I would love to try out the Feliks Elise or even the Echo, but really I’m in no rush to try and improve the already fantastic sound!
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  6. ProfFalkin
    Please don't post the crap from that site here. They wouldn't know science if it bit them on the @ss.

    Anyway... I know people love their tube amps with Auteur, but my favorite / TOTL / complete endgame = Auteur, ECP 3F, Yggy A2 w/ Unison.

    Auteur might sound a bit antiseptic with the ultra-sanitary sounding THX amps, or so has been my experience. (Tube distortion and their resulting "dirty" measurements are highly desired for a reason...)
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  7. Celty
    First, thank you for your recommendations, the more input I get the better from my perspective. As for asking that I not post "the crap from that site here", I must say I am surprised that someone finds factual test results offensive. You are of course free to have your opinions on how they should be interpreted, or the worth of such testing in evaluating amplifiers, but to object to people sharing information does not seem reasonable to me.

    I am new to the forum, so perhaps I am unaware of something that prompted your response, but in any case I believe in reading as many sources and opinions that I can find, and then coming to my own conclusions based on the totality of information gathered. I also try to remember that we are talking about hobbies, fun, and perhaps some fellowship with folk that share our interests.

    I also noted that you have the Verite open headphones. I think I will really be happy with the Auteur, but have to admit I'm a bit jealous.
  8. ProfFalkin
    Oh, I love factual test results. That's what I used to do. Audit, test, and verify extremely sensitive systems. I can tell you there are so many ways to screw up results, it would make your head spin. I can also tell you, the methodology there is laughable and biased. So yes, we can agree to disagree. Please don’t think my dislike for that site is also a dislike for you. It is not.

    If you want a bit of background on why that site is so polarizing here, and elsewhere, have a read... Link. Even Rob Watts of Chord Electronics has basically stated that Amir is ignorant and has misrepresented test results, and Rob makes some of the best measuring dacs in existence.

    Let's move on, shall we? :blush:

    I have both Verite, and they are quite good. Despite that, the Auteur, Eikon, and Verite C are my top 3 ZMF headphones, in that order. They all do well on solid state amps, but the Verite is definitely more picky. The Auteur does quite well on tubes as well, and seems to open up on staging with a good pairing. Still, there is a special synergy with the 3F I've not found elsewhere. The 3F is kind of lean, but the warmer Yggy A2 signature really counterbalances this resulting in an extremely engaging listen. My personal advice would be to listen for special synergies in the gear you want to aquire, and maybe spend less time fiddling with charts.

    Last edited: Dec 6, 2019
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  9. Benno1988
    Hey all. I enjoy the overall tone/signature of the HD650. Bit dark is my jams.

    Is the ZMF Autuer the right choice for me? I have had other high end cans, and only gripe with the HD650 is the veil/detail
  10. xenithon
    I do enjoy the HD650 and have owned it in the past (on 4 different occasions!). My personal experience is that the Auteur is an entirely different league, and whilst it does have a similar tone in regards to being slightly warm and meaty, the (significant) improvements over the HD650 include:

    - zero veil. They are very detailed yet poised and balanced. HD800 scalpels they are not, but I want for little in terms of clarity and resolution.
    - bass extension and impact. The HD650 is quite soft and woolly in this respect. You hear the bass. It's there. Sort of. The ZMF in contrast is solid, robust, extended, hard-hitting when required, but also very well controlled.
    - soundstage size and placement. The HD650 is narrow in comparison. The Auteur's soundstage is both wider and deeper, and it is far easier to place sounds. That in turn makes it more holographic and realistic.
    - comfort. The size and comfort of the ZMF pads are beautiful, both to behold on the head. No hard clamp, not too much heat (material dependent), and even though they are heavy, it never feels as such given the weight distribution.
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  11. Celty
    Thanks, by 3F, do you mean the Ravenswood/DSHA3F? Glad to know you rate the Auteur as your favorite.
    Wow, I'm encouraged by your experiences with the Auteur! Your comparison to the 650 is exactly what I am hoping for.
  12. ProfFalkin
    Yes. That's the one.
  13. Celty
    OK, your photos did it for me. Definitely sticking with brass for my Cocobolo Auteur.
  14. Slim1970
    Yes the combo is amazing!

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  15. Preachy1
    sonuvabitch, I really can't justify buying a 3rd pair of Auteurs!!!!! :wink:
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