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ZMF Auteur Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by PacoTaco, Oct 15, 2017.
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  1. GarageBoy
    Wonder if it's worth having an ori and an auteur. Got to listen to the auteur at various booths at canjam (wish I stayed at each station longer but I didn't want to hog the spot) and I liked it every time - solid bass, nice clarity and air - but I keep hearing about the legend of the ori...
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  2. jinxy245
    They really are 2 different headphones/sound signatures, and I think quite complimentary to each other.

    I've listened to @Pharmaboy 's Ori quite a bit and it's a wonderful headphone (he might be able to chime in here too). The Auteur is probably Zach's most 'neutral' headphone (the definition of which is widely debatable and more than somewhat subjective) and the Ori has that fathomless planar bass.

    Of course only you can decide if it's "worth it" to have both, but it sure makes sense to me.
  3. Pharmaboy
    I've heard several Auteurs in several settings, including a teak loaner IMS w/@jinxy245. It is indeed a very neutral sound signature, probably the most neutral of all ZMFs. I personally favor the closed version--the Eikon--also rather neutral. Either way, I never felt the Ori covers the same ground as the Auteur or Eikon. For one thing, it's a planar, and planars have certain distinctive/desirable sonic qualities IMO; for another, it's a little smaller (though still a large headphone) & quite closed.

    Net/net: I own an Eikon & an Ori, and enjoy each on its own considerable sonic merits. Each does certain things the other cannot (or does somewhat differently).
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  4. zfisch1
    Has anyone tried the perforated universal suede pads on the Auteur? I read that they were a good match for the Aeolus.
  5. Astral Abyss
    Yes, it's definitely worth having both. At one point I had the Ori and Eikon. Sold the Eikon for the Auteur and have no regrets. So now I have a matching Ori, Auteur, and Pendant, all in Bocote wood. I'm going to take a picture of all the gang together, one of these days...
  6. skor
    Are there any U.S. dealers that demo ZMF headphones?
  7. veepee
    Has anyone heard both the Auteur and the Hifiman Arya (or the HE1000se, which is supposedly similar-sounding) and can give impressions, comparisons? Both $1599 MSRP (teak Auteurs)
  8. Phantaminum
    I have the HE1000 V2 coming in on Wednesday so I could give some impressions in a few days.
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  9. LCMusicLover
    I can compare HEKv2 to Blackwood Auteur, but that's off from your targets at both ends.
  10. Phantaminum
    I’d love to hear your thoughts as well. I’ve heard the HEX V2 and Ananda so I small inkling of the difference especially wood vs planars and how open they are.
  11. LCMusicLover
    Well, briefly:

    Very different headphones. Auteur are much more energetic, while HEKv2 are very laid back. It's odd, HEK are quite linear, present detail well, have well-extended bass which neither overwhelms nor hide. But...you have to listen for all that. If you just kick back, they sound nice/pleasant/smooth, but not demanding.

    (a little aside) Utopia are the complete opposite, punch you in the ear with energy and detail, very demanding -- YOU WILL LISTEN!!! (end aside)

    Auteur are much closer to Utopia than HEK. On a 1 - 10 scale (HEK == 1, Utopia == 10), Auteur are maybe 8. Auteur trades in some energy and detail for musicality.

    Here's a visual (ignore the actual cans in the pictures).
    Listening to HEKv2:
    H1.jpg H2.jpg
    Listening to Auteur:
    A1.jpg A2.jpg
    Listening to Utopia:

    BTW, there's lots of discussion out there re: the effect of different woods on the sound of ZMF cans. Since you mentioned Teak, you should factor that into my opinions, which are based on only my Blackwood Auteur as I've never heard other woods.

    Other stuff: HEK has bigger soundstage, Auteur and HEK are close to how precise their stages are (Utopia stage is smaller, but so very precise). Auteur REALLY love rhythmic music. As I've said many times, there are the world's greatest Deadphones (headphones for listening to the Grateful Dead).

    Bottom line, if I could only own one headphone, Auteur would be well ahead of HEK, which of course says more about my tastes than about the headphones.

    I guess that wasn't actually all that brief :)
  12. yates7592
    Signing in here. Excited owner-to-be of a Cocobolo Auteur. I was on the Verite Pheasantwood list for some time, but without hearing either headphone, I concluded Auteur would be the best for me - given my library of often less than stellar 60's-80's recordings and wide genre pool. I think this is the right decision given Auteurs reputation as Goldilocks and forgiving. So hugely looking forward to the arrival in a few weeks time!
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  13. Phantaminum
    Thanks for the impressions and good laugh. The stock photos are gold!
  14. Wildcatsare1
    @LCMusicLover, I cant speak to the HEK, but I can absolutely, and positively second you on the Blackwood Autuer being the best Dead Head Can out there, it’s is magic with acoustic música, with lots of rhythmic action. The Autuer reflects Zach’s past life of building acoustic instruments (my words and guess, not his) and have some of the best tonal accuracy I’ve heard to date. They are eminently musical, no matter what I throw at them.
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  15. ProfFalkin
    There is just something about the Utopia that eventually sneaks up and causes this:

    I've never had a ZMF 'phone do that.
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