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ZMF Auteur Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by PacoTaco, Oct 15, 2017.
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  1. BananaOoyoo
    I think that’s specifically why I went for an Atticus (along with the auteur). But yes, depends on what you’re looking.
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  2. Preachy1
    Looking for some advice here. If money were not an issue, which would be the better set of cans (see my prefs below); Auteurs, Verites, or Focal Utopias?

    My prefs are as follows:

    My musical tastes run the gamut from classic rock, to various forms of jazz, female vocals (i.e., Joni, Patti S, Eva C, Roberta Flack, Tracy Chapman, etc.), and a full range of classical music (Chamber, Symphony, Choral, etc.)
    I lean to a V or slight W shaped sig.
    Prefer bass just shy of "slamming"
    Wide/Deep soundstage with full imaging.

    My current stable includes a LCD's (2, 3, XC), Focal Elegia, and Meze 99's

    Weight is not an issue, in fact I rather like the feel of a heavy, solid set of cans (see the XC's).

    Cans will always be amped, either via Schiit Asgard 2, Woo Audio WA7, or XDUOO TA-10; never used directly from the source.

    As I menitoned above, the cost difference between say, the Utopias and the Auteurs, is not an issue. I'm really for that elusive TOTL set of cans.

    Thanks very much for any thoughts/opinion!!!!!
  3. jmk720
    On your case i would choose the utopia, brings clarity and resolution like TOTL, but why not stick with the audeze, maybe the lcd4? Matchs better your tastes, but will need more power amp...
  4. Preachy1
    Thanks for the reply. to be quite honest, I'm being sucked in by two factors; the hype surrounding the Utopias, and the sheer beauty of the ZMFs!!!!

    And of course, the desire to try something new!
  5. Fatdoi
    Depends on how forgiving you are to your music... Auteur is much more forgiving to gears and recordings... Utopia reveals 'everything' from audio files to equipment. I suspect Verite somewhere in between
    Last edited: Dec 28, 2018
  6. Fatdoi
    Also Utopia produces piano and violin sounds I never experienced before on dynamic drivers... The dryness of the bow on the strings and the hammers hitting the piano wires to the micro details of the box reverberations of both instruments...
    I haven't tried Verite so can't comment on that but as owner of the other 2... Utopia gives more excitement and demands listener to pay attention where as Auteur is full and lush... A real relaxing headphone
  7. Monsterzero
    I'd say Verite.
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  8. LCMusicLover
    I haven’t heard Verite.

    Auteur vs Utopia:

    I own both (Blackwood Auteur — haven’t heard it in other woods). Both are great! I have called Auteur my ‘Goldilocks headphone’. Utopia is wonderfully detailed with a very linear, ‘referency’ signature. However, I had found the Utopia a bit ‘sharp’ —somewhat akin to the T1 signature, though not nearly as severe. Meanwhile, my planars (HEKv2 & EFO at the time) seemed a bit ‘laid-back’. Auteur were right in the middle — hence Goldilocks. Since then I’ve added a Lazuli Reference cable for Utopia and Liquid Platinum amp. This new chain has eliminated the problem I had with Utopia, and I really enjoy them now. Bass is surprisingly great from Utopia via this chain. Auteur bass is very satisfying from this chain as well.

    So, given all that throat clearing, which do I recommend for you? Actually, neither, given your stated preferences. While both will provide the bass you prefer, neither is V- or W-shaped. Also neither provides the wide/deep soundstage you prefer. Both have more intimate stages — very precise and well resolved, but not as expansive as the stages of any of my planars.

    Of my cans, my Ether 2 comes closest to your preferences. Also, descriptions I’ve read about both Verite & Empyean suggest they are contenders.

    I will say that I love female vocals from Auteur (Joni, Gretchen Peters, Lucinda Williams, Cowboy Junkies...) Also, Neil Young :gs1000smile:
  9. heliosphann
    Having all three of headphones and reading your preferences, I'd also recommend the Verite's.
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  10. Preachy1
    Interesting. I've only recently become excited by classical music. For the past few months, it's been about 80% of my list
    Thanks LC, great write-up!!!!
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  11. LCMusicLover
    Frankly, orchestral classical is one genre where I don’t enjoy Auteur/Utopia nearly as well as my planars due to staging. I still remember sitting with my Dad listening to Beethoven & Tchaikovsky symphonies and having him ‘point out’ the different sections and instruments. He had a wonderful system (Macintosh tube amp & preamp/tuner, Ampex reel-to-reel, Thorens turntable, Altec Lansing speakers). That staging is an integral element of the classical listening experience for me. Of course, no headphones get you there, but the stage on my Ether 2 and HEKv2 produce an acceptable facsimile. The extreme precision of the Utopia does work if you’re willing to pretend to be the conductor, although I prefer the 10th row stage of my planars.
    You’re very welcome :)
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  12. Preachy1
    F*ck!!! I just got a 15% off everything popup coupon for eBay, but it expires in three hours. I don't get my holiday bonus until Monday. grrrrrrrr
  13. Preachy1
    Awesome memory!!!!!! I'm a misty kind of guy, and that actually made me well up a bit.
  14. LCMusicLover

    I picked up the Amperex PQs which were sitting in my watch list, waiting for this discount. Now my LP have stock EH & Gold Lions, with Siemens & Amperex tubes coming. Might satisfy my tube-rolling itch for a while.
  15. felix3650
    How does your Auteur pair with the Liquid Platinum? I have the Blackwood too.
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