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ZMF Auteur Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by PacoTaco, Oct 15, 2017.
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  1. BunnyNamedCraig
    I did the same thing around the time of going to RMAF! I never listened to “a momentary lapse of reason” album before and same with “the final cut”. I enjoyed a momentary lapse of reason more.

    Have fun!
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  2. Monsterzero
    Theres an un-official Pink Floyd album floating around called "Final Cut in The Wall"

    Really well done,and listen to it before I reach for either The Wall or Final Cut
  3. Wildcatsare1
    Just received my new (too me) Autuer Blackwood from Lee. The combination of the Vinshine R2R, Liquid Platinum and the Autuers is pure magic. First time I’ve seen one of Zach’s works of art in person, their physical beauty is matched by incredible Sonics!
  4. heliosphann
    Yea, the Backwoods especially look more amazing in person.
  5. Wildcatsare1
    I can’t believe how good these sound, have me thinking of trading my Abyss 1266’s for a good tube amp!
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  6. Monsterzero
    The Vinshine R2R is a very nice sounding DAC,really flew under the radar here,though the headphone out isnt that great.
    Grab a Glenn and you'll be pretty close to end game.
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  7. Wildcatsare1
    That’s exactly the path I was thinking of, was about to in-mail to get your thoughts, happy New Year!
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  8. Monsterzero
    My Glenn was pretty well loaded on options,and it was about 1400-1500.00. After selling your Abyss you'll have a lot left over for a plethora of tubes.
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  9. Wildcatsare1
    I have a feeling the extra funds will be going toward a Vérité or an Atticus!
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  10. thecrow
    I have always seen the atticus as a different kettle of fish.

    The auteur is neutralish with zmf musicality. Great offering

    The atticus, for me, was a totally different offering that was not close to neutral for me. Too mich warmth/bloom (perhaps- don’t shoot me)/bottom end/bass for my preferences. It doesn’t pass my steely dan test. I’ll leave that to the younger kids that look for that sound.

    I would suggest you audition the atticus or eikon before buying one to determie which camp you sit with.

    Z review was very strong on the verite.
    And there was a good review or two on headfi comparing all of these which i think is very valuable for us who have one of the zmf headphones.
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  11. Wildcatsare1
  12. maximus69
    I know this autuer thread, but i see Flyod has come up and i am looking to upgrade my closed cans from my alpha dogs to possibly eikon or atticus.
    Any thoughts or direction on a closed can for flyod sessions?
  13. Monsterzero
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  14. Wildcatsare1
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  15. nazrin313

    Loving every minute with the Auteurs..Desk or Portable this ZMF is stellar!!!
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