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ZMF Auteur Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by PacoTaco, Oct 15, 2017.
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  1. jmk720
    Guys, did anyone test the auteur with woo audio wa2?
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  2. nahpungnome
    Here are a couple of shots of my Silk Eggs. Taken with a Canon 6D + 100L Macro.

  3. LCMusicLover
    Sorry if this seems pedantic, but...cables are passive devices. They can't add anything. What they do is selectively filter. So silver apparently attenuates highs less than mids/lows compared to copper (or attenuates mids/lows more).
  4. xenithon
    Hey all. Quick few questions on burn in. I
    typically use a custom file for burn in that I made which compromises 5 minutes pink noise, 2 minutes silence, a full tone sweep, 2 minutes silence, and so it repeats.

    Would that be fine for running Auteurs in? What volume is recommend (same as normal listening or slightly louder/softer)? Finally, how long can they be run in continuously before needing to give them a break?

    Thanks in advance!
  5. thecrow
    Yes. It works well
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  6. felix3650
    I usually go with music playing overnight non stop. And on days I feel listening I put the headphones on and do a 1-2h session leaving them overnight again. For volume I use my normal listening levels. The driver needs to vibrate, not distort :wink:
    Didn't take long for the Auteurs this way to settle down. And they've settled down nicely!
  7. Astral Abyss
    Here's a quick shot of the new bocote auteurs I just picked up from Fedex. I'm really taken with the figuring on these and the way the brass looks with it.

    This weekend I will hopefully have some time to take some outdoor photos of them next to their bocote Pendant partner. According to Zach, the bocote wood for both auteur and Pendant came from the same seller, and they do look very similar.

    It's a great combo, Pendant and auteur. I did a couple hours of listening last night and was very impressed so far. Wonderful, natural sense of spaciousness and reverb that I don't get with the Pendant and Odin combo I've been using for a while. More finesse vs brute force.

  8. Monsterzero
    Stunning! Congrats!
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  9. LoryWiv
    Nope, doesn't sound pendantic at all, rather that is "sound" logic (pun intended). Still, degree of attenuation, perhaps based on impedance / resistance / conductivity quality, may affect perception of sound signature. At least that's how I rationalize what I think I hear? I do understand and respect that other's feel cable effect is minimal, non-existent and / or expectation bias placebo. What I also like about Trevor's cables is that irrespective of debates about sound quality, they are beautifully built and not insanely priced. I am quite happy with Volsund on my Auteur.
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  10. LCMusicLover
    Oh, I guess you could have read this into what I wrote, but that's not what I meant. I do hear differences between cables -- especially with my Utopia and (to a lesser extent) Auteur.
  11. nahpungnome
    Those are beautiful!
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  12. Fatdoi
    I started off using Zachs oem cable... Then changed to his occ silver... More air and bit more detail in general with more emphasis on treble side...

    It's like going to shop looking at TV... Side by side you'll see difference but by itself maybe not noticeable...
  13. heliosphann
    It's a good match, and you can really tweak the sound with different tube combinations.
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  14. BunnyNamedCraig
    It’s funny, all this talk about the Auteur makes me want to go home and put them on! Might be a late night listening session tonight after all...

    I have been going through a lot of Fleetwood Mac albums that I haven’t heard before. The Auteurs have been a great partner through the journey. Been able to get the detail I crave, but also not be beaten over the head with it in regards to sharp highs that wake me up. Highs are present without being shrill which I greatly appreciate. It balances the fine line which in the end lets me listen longer.

    Great mix between detail and “musicality” for me :)

    I might have to bust open this bottle of wine we just got a few days ago. Hmmmmm:thinking:
  15. thecrow
    I’ve been thinking i should do the same with some pink floyd albums i have not yet heard (but bought a year ago).

    I hope there’ll be time to do so before the end of January
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