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ZMF Auteur Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by PacoTaco, Oct 15, 2017.
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  1. pippen99
    Just got dinged by the moderators. Humor at a low ebb!
  2. Fatdoi
    Great choice with your first full sized..... even Tyll approved it...... enjoy
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  3. gibby
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  4. alphanumerix1
    DSC_6274.jpg DSC_6276.jpg
  5. Panimation
    Something horrible happened to my Auteur, emailed Zach but obviously won't be expecting a response for a bit since they are away at RMAF. The outer ring has sunk into the cups, managed to pop it back out but goes back in with slight pressure. Hoping for a simple DIY fix, you guys have any ideas?

  6. mysticstryk
    I would hold off on DIY until you hear back from Zach. Don't want to accidently damage them more.
  7. Panimation
    Yeah, just have it sitting in the case for now :cry:.
  8. zach915m
    We can fix you up pretty easily. Getting to emails very shortly!
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  9. ProfFalkin
    The man never rests, I swear.
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  10. 227qed
    I’m planning on getting a ZMF Dynamic soon, but am trying to get some concrete info on which headphone will offer the best response to EQ at frequencies from approx. 30 to 90 Hz. Hoping someone could please confirm how accurate the following statements are (Eikon vs. Auteur; same reviewer):

    From Michael at headfonics on the Eikon:

    “But, I am finding it relatively poor in EQ potential for the price. It just doesn’t want to respond well to EQ alterations and boosting when I toggle some in via my sources. It isn’t at all a deal breaker, but it is noteworthy and gets stressful when I want a lot more bass or treble out of it and I am not able to achieve it.

    In terms of responsiveness to EQ, the Eikon is not so good at it. This headphone is for linear enthusiasts and in my opinion, not those who want to boost and use EQ often. Quantity is also on the low end of moderate. Meaning, it is not for bass heads.”

    From Michael at headfonics on the Auteur:

    “If that isn’t enough the EQ prowess is absurdly great on this model. Remember though, in this section, I am only talking about depth and sheer bass power, with the solid Eikon pads the Auteur turns into a bit of a bass cannon. Finally, I can get good quality, a lot of bass quantity and my preferred bass substance and tonality in a Summit level headphone. Yum....

    This Auteur ended up immensely well responsive to EQ both on the low end and treble end. That it really impressed the hell out of me. Perhaps, methinks, the open chamber allowed for a more efficient airflow with added bass needs, the push and pull of airflow inside maximized and in turn allowing for more response to bass boosting.”

    If the Atticus could be fit into this picture as well I’d greatly appreciate it any info. Thanks!
  11. Panimation
    I know right! Incredibly passionate, haven't got an email response yet but that message alone is reassuring!
  12. smodtactical
    Has anyone used solid auteur or eikon pads on the auteur? If so how was it compared to perforated pads?
  13. xenithon
    Quick question to those that own or have tried - how do you find the OFC cable with the Auteur? Does it complement it or do you prefer a more open / brighter cable with the Auteur (e.g., silver / SPC)? My understanding is that the OFC is quite dark?
  14. P.Car
    I used my Audeze custom YFS silver plated copper balanced cable last night with the Auteur and I was blown away after my amp / DAC warmed up a bit.

    Now I know why some folks like these better than the Utopia and others, etc.

    Zach has some special cans on his hands.

    They still fit a little too loosely on my head and tend to move around but my head is tiny.

    I may look past that and grab his latest iteration with Be drivers at some point.

    We'll see... Either way, SPC cable worked out great for me but I prefer a neutral sound signature and don't like bright or overly warm.
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  15. ProfFalkin
    I use a silver coated copper YFS cable as well, and it's perfect for my tastes.
    Last edited: Oct 10, 2018
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