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ZMF Auteur or Ori pads?

  1. ultramabi
    Hi I am wondering which pads would be best for AKG K7xx.

    Also I was leaning towards the perforated lambskin version, but would it be better for the akg k7xx or should I get the nonperforated version?
  2. tomb
    I really love the fenestrated sheepskin Dekoni pads for the Sennheiser HD580/600/650. However, I absolutely hated them for the HD800. They were so bad on the HD800, I almost think Dekoni should be chastised for selling them. Because of the thickness of the fenestrated sheepskin pads, they completely altered the HD800 sound signature.

    I own a set of original, low-serial-number K701s. I haven't tried other pads, but would be very suspicious of them. It's hard - even for later AKG versions themselves - to find those pads just like they are on the original K701. The pads are offset in thickness and are very directional in how they should be attached to the headphone. I don't know if they are that way on the 7XX, but you should be careful.

    Maybe you should order only through Amazon so that you can return them easily if it turns out you hate them.
  3. ultramabi
    Ah, okay interesting. Well the k701s should be similar to the k7xx so maybe I should just get the one without perforations? (I guess)

    I do like how it looks compared to the perforated version but I honestly don’t know how the perforated pads will change the sound or how it will look when applied to the k7xx or other headphones, so I will do more research before I buy a pad from ZMF since returning it has fees, etc. Thnx for your response though!

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