ZMF Atticus in cherry

Discussion in 'Headphones for Sale / Trade' started by dunkyboy, Nov 5, 2017.
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  1. dunkyboy
    For Sale
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    •   United States
    These are the pinnacle of ZMF's tonally-rich, smooth, musical sound. Got this gorgeous ex-demo pair from Zach at ZMF just two weeks ago. They're in perfect, like-new condition and sounds great. Only selling because I find the Eikon more to my tastes.

    Comes with standard ZMF cable with 1/4" termination. Includes Seahorse hard-case, original packaging and accessories.

    Shipping extra (or can collect from Brooklyn or midtown Manhattan).

    Cz4fqK%RQiagJpKf%0nkUQ.jpg QvjNvdw%Tbunc9Ue2O4Hxw.jpg YUdAx2dwSeaKi6gYnaq1ow.jpg
  2. Zachik
    Very good price for great cans!!
    I own a pair, and enjoy immensely :)
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  3. lentoviolento
    were they used in a smoking environment? do you ship to italy? thx
  4. dunkyboy
    No smokers here. Note: I've literally had them for two weeks, so they're basically indistinguishable from new. :)

  5. dunkyboy
    Meant to say - no international shipping for now, sorry.
  6. floatingskull
  7. dunkyboy
    PMs replied
  8. King CATalyst
    Still available?
  9. floatingskull
    Hey there,

    I actually purchased these and am in the processing of reseling it if you’re interested. It’s a fantastic pair of cans but I ultimately decided to keep my Z1Rs by a narrow margin. Feel free to PM me.
  10. King CATalyst
    I will get back to you on it after I do some research, it's my understanding that the cherry wood version has been discontinued and I'd like to find out if there is any particular reason for that.
  11. King CATalyst
    Nevermind I guess they weren't discontinued, I must have misread lol.
  12. dunkyboy
  13. Luxifer
    Are you looking to pick up a set of Eikons?
  14. dunkyboy
    Thanks for the offer but I’ve already got Eikons (camphor) - probably my forever headphones. :)

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