ZMF Atticus and Eikon: Official Announcement and Give-away

  1. AeRoPLoDgE
    What does post count have to do with anything? 
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  2. alota
    Congrats to.the winner and thanks for the contest
  3. Marburger
    yeah very lucky winner, congratulations!
  4. EternalShadow
    how long is the pre-order open for?
  5. lukeap69
    Until December 15
  6. thompsontechs
    Okay congrats, but what wood did he/she pick???

    As far as post count, I like it because you know there was no favoritism going on. :wink:

    Thanks Zach, I still think my wood choice would be the ****. :p

    Last edited: Oct 29, 2017
  7. Voxata

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