ZMF Atticus and Eikon: Official Announcement and Give-away

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  1. zach915m
    Ha I didn't think of it that way.   =)
    Is that the Hifiman player?  I have that player and still love it, the 1543 chip in that sounds great.
  2. kman1211
    Yes it is. Curious who's going to win. Good luck everyone. [​IMG]
  3. Whitigir
    Curious ? lol I am nervous awaiting to see the lucky one. It wouldn't be my luck, but I am still crossing fingers :D. I will toast a beer to whoever win it
  4. desik

    Yes, Hifiman HM-602. I have DX100 now, almost forgot about HM-602. Then some day I was not in the mood to pick the DX100 brick with me so I took the HM-602. Oh man, that sound was somehow more emotional than DX100, more "right", despite DX100 being waay more detailed. So I ended up reading a bit more and getting a NOS dac. Should arrive next week.
  5. Audio Addict Contributor
    I am not sure I will be able to get in on this first round.  Just had to commit to putting on a new roof, which included removing 2 layers of shingles rather than just one.  The roof makes the ZMF Atticus and Eikon true bargains.
  6. BillsonChang007
    Good luck to all! :popcorn:
  7. Dillan
    That's a lot more entries than I expected haha
    Good luck to all!
  8. ryanjsoo
    Can I win this to make up for the dozens of lost AndroidAuthority giveaways!
  9. Pahani
    Ahh, I just did a new roof 2 years ago! I feel your pain >.<
    I need a new furnace and A/C next spring, ouch again!
  10. Whitigir

    Yes, you can. There is 0.11% chance :D. Good luck
  11. rhenom
    I'm probably out of luck. The only thing I ever won in a random drawing was when I was in high school I used to play paintball every weekend and at one of their special events they held a raffle for which the grand prize was a Tippmanm 98 paintball gun with a compressed air tank. There couldn't have been too many more than 100 raffle tickets sold but I won and now I'll probably never win anything ever again, even though I buy lottery tickets for every drawing.
    Unfortunately I won't be pre-ordering these headphones if I don't win. I just recently bought a Stax 3100 system so my budget for headphones is shot for a while. Maybe I'll come back around by the time Zach is offering these puppies in exotic woods. I already own a pair of the Omni's so I guess that will have to tide me over.
  12. 3xclu5ive
    Good luck to everyone
  13. HarryWarner1
    have we got a set time/date of when it'll be announced?
  14. rhenom
    Pre-orders start tomorrow at 11:00 am EST, so probably before then.
  15. zach915m
    I'll be posting an announcement in the sponsor section with info on our november sale, the winner of this give-away, and details about the pre-order.
    I will also post in this section with the winner.  This will all come around 7 PM EST US time tonight.
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