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ZiShan T1 Hi-Fi Player Thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by IcedFrosty, Jul 27, 2019.

Is this the best DAP under $100?

  1. Yes

    11 vote(s)
  2. No

    10 vote(s)
  3. Way above the price range!

    4 vote(s)
  4. Could be

    18 vote(s)
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  1. captblaze
    did the reset and same issue.. in fact I noticed that the player is engaged as soon as it boot up and completes the scan, yet the play button hasn't changed to a pause button. the buttons function, the swipe function works the player makes sound, but the bottom of the display is unresponsive
  2. HeyManslowdown97
    Reboot the firmware with an external SD Card. If that doesn’t work then it means that the screen may be defected at the bottom.

    Also have you tried to calibrate it? (It’s the “settings” labeled “Calibrate”
  3. captblaze
    I did all that and no luck... I cant recalibrate screen because no access to settings. perhaps I do have a dud
    what I find strange is that the player starts playing on boot and the play pause button was never pushed (is that normal) and the button does not change from the play to pause Icon
    Last edited: Sep 26, 2019
  4. HeyManslowdown97
    Remove the casing and try taking the battery terminals off and reconnecting them and reboot maybe that works???

    (My T1 works great (so far) but it’s issues like these that need to be worked out and it’s because of this that I CANNOT recommend it to anyone.

    Ask @IcedFrosty if he can ask his trusted source about your unique problem maybe they will about to exchange it for a workable T1?!!

    It’s kind of crap that you didn’t do ANYTHING for the player to malfunction!
    Last edited: Sep 26, 2019
  5. captblaze

    things like that happen... I have no experience with this device, so I thought I would ask a few questions. if it needs repair, so be it. I was looking for a DYI player and thought I would give this a try
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  6. Dark Helmet
    You may already have found a solution, but when using drive sort everytime you alphabetize something or sort it you have to save it or it won't take.
  7. cqtek
    Of course! I always do, but T1 won't listen to me...
    Dark Helmet likes this.
  8. IcedFrosty
    Hello captain blaze,
    I've forward your issue to my trusted source regarding the screen problem. He suggests resitting the screen ribbon cable. If that still don't work, you'll need a new screen.

    Or your issue could be as simple as a faulty ribbon cable... BUT the cable is attached permanently to the screen, so you will need to buy a new screen.

    About purchasing a new screen, I've already discussed it here: https://www.head-fi.org/threads/zishan-t1-hi-fi-player-thread.911795/page-17#post-15154424

    If you need something else regarding this issue, feel free to comment here or chat me through PM.

    Hopes this help.
    God bless
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  9. captblaze
    thank you for the help... I will have a project for tomorrow
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  10. gazzington
    So is the T1 better than the dsd?
  11. fabien32
    sound wise definitely, software wise definitely not
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  12. IcedFrosty
    Well, depends on many factors. On sound quality, I can't answer. Since:
    1. I don't have the Zishan DSD.
    2. I did a review for the dual AK4493 and not the AK4497 version. So it's not on par with the DSD.

    The pros of T1 compared to DSD, are:
    1. USB type-C
    2. Touchscreen (as long as you're using it right, it is much better than using physical buttons all the time
    3. Changeable DAC module (well, not really though).

    But the cons compared with DSD, are:
    1. T1 isn't op-amp rolling friendly
    2. Can't be used as USB DAC (yet)

    If you have the DSD Pro, you don't need to rush out your wallet and buy the T1 with any module versions. Also, my friend told me that T1 AK4497 sounds good as the DSD Pro(both using MUSES02)

    Hopefully this can help you with the ideas of purchasing a T1... or not.
    Hi fabien,
    Good to hear your impression. I didn't thought that the T1 AK4497 sounds better on sound quality. Do you own the Zishan DSD Pro?
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  13. HeyManslowdown97
    In both stock versions of both the DSD Pro and T1 not sure if “sound quality” is a correct term to use because neither sounds inferior only different. The T1 the vocals are more in the foreground and the DAC to me sounds “warmer.”

    I believe that the T1 is/was a necessary bridge between the DSD Pro Ak4497 to “T2” Ak4499 in my opinion to iron out the kinks. The layout of the T1 is “mapped” out better with less wasted real estate in a smaller impact size that doesn’t compromise sound quality (imo) which is a step in the right direction for a portable music player on-the-go for a majority of Zishan Users!

    As far as an upgrade If you have the DSD Pro there’s no need to upgrade unless you’re a Zishan Fanboy (like me).

    If you don’t have either here’s some thoughts I have about both strengths and weakness of both the Zishan T1 and DSD Pro.

    If you looking for a robust, hard-to-break player with pretty good battery life sans modding go with the DSD PRO.

    If you like portable compact music player with some minor to major annoying touchscreen kinks (Spectrum varies from users’ patience and usage) that has a more intimate soundstage with foreground vocals and sounds warmer go with the T1. Keep in mind also that the T1 is also more prone to damage with its less robust casing and vulnerable touchscreen with the lack of “touch” sensitivity compared with what people are used to from our modern smartphones.

    There’s no clear cut “winner” only differences. The DSD PRO is definitely better in terms of durability. And the sound differences are really more nuance than actual sound quality with personal choice being the real decision. Both sound nuances and quality can be altered by changing caps and op amps since both players are DIY friendly.
    Last edited: Sep 30, 2019
  14. fabien32
    WhatsApp Image 2019-08-04 at 11.30.23.jpeg
    I do, with the AK4497, and to me the T1 sound way better. my only real issue wiith the T1 the lack of USB DAC (yet)

    i dont see the adventage on the DSD pro over T1, both of them have no room for biger op-amp. i acctualy like the DSD pro with the V5I (but i couldn't close it back) but still prefer the T1 with muses02
    Last edited: Sep 30, 2019
  15. citral23
    I think the advantage will become clear once all the T1 screens have stopped working, while DSDs will still be rocking in 10 years lol
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