Zero DAC v. iBasso D2 Boa
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Nov 10, 2008
Hey guys,
I'm a total n00b with headphones and other audio hence the post. The only headphones that I have atm are Bose OE, which I got for my B'day. Now after perusing the forums I know Bose sucks for the price but I can't get rid of them either. I was looking for a dorm setup with a decent headphone (AKG K501) and external speakers (Behringer MS40), sub-woofer(Dayton 10') + amps et al. My setup can't be very expensive (since I don't earn too much). Now what's the best way to start building and finally I'm seriously confused by the amp discussion- would it be ok to get a ibasso d2 instead of a Zero since its portable. Is there a difference in sound quality and can the zero or ibasso act as a dac for my macbook? My primary connection was going to be TOSlink out from the macbook to the MS40's and the amp for the headphones. What should I do? I'm confused so just explain lol.
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Apr 2, 2008
I haven't heard either, but I've been researching them for a while now, I'm getting myself a Boa. So this is all based on what I've read, a compilation of what everybody else on this forum seems to say about these amps.

The audio quality won't be equal, although they're in the same price range the Boa is portable and there's a cost overhead for that. The Zero is reputed to have better sound, and you can roll the opamps (a way of upgrading it via DIY modification and a new version of the esential part).

However, the Zero doesn't take USB input, and it's totally not portable at all. They're very different amps, you have to choose based on your needs.
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Mar 25, 2008
I just received my Boa today, and I love it so far. I needed something that I can transport to and from work, and the fact that it has a built-in DAC is awesome. Eventually I'm going to buy a small pocket USB hard drive. Store all my music on there, then have both the Boa and the drive plugged into my USB ports on my laptop at work.

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