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Zero Audio - ZH-DX200 Carbo Tenore | ZH-DX210 Carbo Basso (Carbon & Aluminium IEM) thread

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  1. Marc Lian
    I never knew about these, just made an order for a pair let's see how it goes!
  2. Lurk650
    Yeah, they are good. I will always love them for being my first quality sounding IEM and getting me into the hobby about a year ago. Which I also said "I won't need to buy another IEM for a long time!"....about 20 IEMs later and few DAP's and Amp/DAC's lol. 
    I too disagree about them being the best really in any bracket, they don't do anything wrong but they could also add a bit more in the dynamic range. Also, I do agree too about the bed part, I keep them in my nightstand for quick listening! I fall asleep with these in all the time. They are good for a relaxed, sweet listen but not in the morning if you are tired on your commute. You will be lulled to sleep again lol
  3. Pastapipo
    In my opinion, the XE800 are now the best value IEM. They are only $18 and offer astonishing SQ, however, due to their brighter sound, they are not for everyone.
    Therefore I always carry both my XE800 as well as the ZA Tenores. They complement each other instead of competing with one another.  [​IMG]
  4. rikk009
    I too came here after reading that article. 
  5. hoshiyomi
  6. Pastapipo
    A member on the Chineese thread got them and said they were original.
    BTW. If someone got the Tenores, add some JVC spinfit Spiral Dot tips to them, they will like it.
  7. Lurk650
    Pastapipo likes this.
  8. Pastapipo
    You're right, my bad. [​IMG]
  9. robervaul
    @luisdent is a prophet.  [​IMG]
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  10. Lurk650
    seriously though when is the new gear gonna be released to the USA?
  11. Marc Lian
    I've been listening to the Carbo Tenore's for about a day since it's arrival and I'm quite impressed by the sound. The build quality is pretty atrocious though, I can definitely see the cables and / or the stress relief's breaking at some point, even under normal usage.
    I'm just gonna give my quick impressions in case it helps anyone. My current stable consists of the Sennheiser HD 600, Oppo PM-3 and UE Reference Remastered. I will mostly be comparing it to the UERR but as it's not with me at the moment due to a refit I can only recall from memory the sound signature of my UERR.
    I'm not gonna lie the Carbo Tenore reminds me of my UERR, the highs are not as extended or clear as the UERR but it's very good. The UERR has a very smooth high response while being exceptionally revealing, I feel that the Carbo Tenore's exhibit that characteristic. They just didn't extend as much in the highs compared to the UERR.
    Moving on to the mids, they are a little restrained on the Carbo Tenore. These earphones do feel like there is a slight V shape curve in the frequency response and I think that is partly the reason for the perceived clarity in the highs and lows. It's still very clear in the mids, just not very exciting or forward.
    The bass is just right in my opinion. I value clarity and a balanced, reference sound so these are right up my alley, they certainly won't please bass heads. The subs are well represented and hit hard, in general the bass never taints the mids including the low mids. This results in a tight and focused bass and low mid response that maintains good clarity.
    I love the sound of these but I'm disappointed in the build quality, specifically the cables and the stress relief points. I feel that the build quality is so much of a let down that it's almost hard to recommend these even though I am so pleased with the sound. There are reference balanced options out there around this price range or slightly more, most of those options also have better build quality so it might be better to get those other options instead. That is, unless you can find a very good price for the Carbo Tenore.
  12. Dreadnought
    So after lurking on this thread for about a year, I finally decide to take a shot at buying the Tenores because they were only 20 pounds.

    But, something has completely ruined that plan. Because of the Verge article; the price shot up from 20 pounds all the way up to 50-60 POUNDS. I'm pretty annoyed about this because of how much the price went up. Hopefully the Tenores do drop back down to a reasonable 20-30 pounds especially because the build quality is so poor.

    I am pretty annoyed and I just want to ask if this is all hype again and that it will drop back down, especially with the white Tenores being released and hopefully new stock of the black ones which I like more.

    I would have loved to buy this but the extreme hype because of the Verge article really makes it too expensive especially with my budget.

  13. originalsnuffy
    I suspect any price increase is temporary.  Demand has temporarily spiked above production due to that review on the Verge.  In the US one vendor is still under $60 right now.
    By the way, at least with my pair, build quality is just fine.   I continue to maintain that these are an amazing audio bargain at a regular price under $40 US.
    But there are some other very fine IEM units out there at this price point and above.  I have not listened to the budget LZ units, but if they sound anythiing like the LZ-A2 then those are worth looking at.  
    Along with many others.  But the Carbo Tenores are a pretty good bet.
  14. Dreadnought

    Yeah, I was looking at the Amazon page for it but similar prices also apply to Ebay which shows the hype. Hopefully ot is only temporary and that it will drop in price in the coming months. Just a little bit sad because I would love to get a new IEM.

    I will also check out the budget LZ units and see if they are worth buying.

    I just hope the Tenores drop back down because I wanted these IEMs for some time but wasn't able to buy them.

    Anyways, thanks for the reply!
  15. Marc Lian
    The point is that the build quality is terrible compared to similar priced IEMs not that one particular piece is any worse than another. Take the AKG Y20U for example, the difference in durability and toughness compared to the Carbo Tenore is worlds apart. The choice of rubber / silicone is completely different so is the braid and shielding.
    Sound quality wise, there's absolutely no complaint.
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