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Zero Audio - ZH-DX200 Carbo Tenore | ZH-DX210 Carbo Basso (Carbon & Aluminium IEM) thread

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  1. Lifted Andreas
    Pesonally I dont think ZA had any idea about how much of a hit these tiny IEMs would become.
    They surely played a bit part in me finding my fav sound signature. The only thing that Tenores lack occasionally is energy (I'd say they are a bit too laid back at times), but then again thats probably down to the music I listen to. However I am happy to report that the Icons have rectified this, while still managing to sound just as smooth as the Tenores.
  2. NuckinFutz

    No that's spot on! That was the reason I traded the original pair I had. But now on my second pair and I won't be getting rid of them this time. I don't know if it's just me but this pair sound more dynamic and have more energy than the first pair, so I'm not hearing what I thought was lacking the first time. Perhaps they tame with time, it's probably just me
  3. EISENbricher
    My Tenores are now more than an year old, I remember purchasing these in sept/oct of 2014. They are still holding quite good. I use Tenores occasionally. 
    As said by Lifted they are quite good but once you get taste of variety of other earphones the desire grows. And since I'm stuck in KZ swamp now, all other brands look expensive to me, I take much extra care while handling my Tenores, Havi and TTPODs because of that xD
  4. Grayson73
    Even after getting LZ-A2, I still love the Tenore.  They aren't technically as good, but their tonal/timbre accuracy are better than the LZ-A2.
  5. NuckinFutz

    See, for me at least, that's a contradiction. Tonality, timbre and accuracy means they are technically better....for me anyway. I've come to appreciate how much tone and timbre means, probably above everything else. I mean what's the point in additional detail if it doesn't sound accurate?
  6. flognarde
    I totally agree with your general comment... Yes the Tenore might lack a bit of energy at times, but what is amazing is how natural they sound ! My Shure's Se215 sound so bloated compared to them, they add some signature to the sound, not so with the Tenore's. That's what is remarquable about them. I would like some good $200 IEM's to see if I can improve on some sound caracteristics like energy and dynamics but I am so afraid of being disappointed I probably won't.
  7. Grayson73
    An example would be that the LZ-A2 has better bass quality and definition than the Tenore.  However, the Tenore is more natural (things sound as they do in real life).  LZ-A2 adds a little color to me (slightly tuned brighter)
  8. Grayson73
    I'm with you.  Tenore was one of the first IEMs I bought and most of the other IEMs I bought in my signature were with the hopes of getting something better, but all fell short!
  9. NuckinFutz

    Yeah same as, apart from the GR07 which I consider on the sane level if not slightly above.

    I notice you have CKR9, I was looking at them. What are your comparisons?
  10. originalsnuffy
    I have two IEM units that are/were under $100 that are worth considering besides the Carbo Tenores.  The soon to be replaced/updated  LZ-A2 (Faith audio), and the now extinct PFE-022 from Phonak. 
    The Phonak E012 is still available, methinks.  I did change out the filter on the Phonaks to the "black" filter.    The Phonaks are less efficient, and are probably the most neutral of the three. 
    Looking forward to hearing the FLC-8S.  I respect what Nick says, and he is solidly behind those.   The concept of the tunability is highly appealing. The Phonak units were a first step.  A very dangerous step.
    I recently sold my trusty Shure E2C units.  These other three were in the same vein, but more to my taste.  Fortunately my custom mods for the E2C units fit the LZ-A2 reasonably well.  Though I have been using some foamies lately with those units.  The JVC spiral dots were pretty good; but some fat Comply tips seem to give the most balanced bass response.
    The Tenores continue to win the quality at a bargain price award, however.  Match those with a FIIO X3 II and one has amazing fidelity for under $200 U.S.
  11. Lurk650
    Next step up is easy with the Puro IEM500. Only in the US though
  12. Grayson73
    The Ali CKR9 sounds fuller than the Tenore, but less airy and less clear in the lower mids. I prefer the balance of the Tenore better because female vocals are more forward.  With the CKR9, I feel that vocals are behind the instruments.
  13. Lifted Andreas

    The OnePlus Icons are a complete upgrade as well. :wink:

    I have some sad news guys, after over 2 years of use my Tenores have finally passed away and went into the light. Some would call me a murderer, because it was my fault for accidentally putting them in the washing machine. However I didint do it on purpose.
  14. EISENbricher
    RIP.. I hope they went in heaven :)
  15. Lifted Andreas

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