Zagg Z-Bud Impressions and Opinions
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Jun 7, 2009
Hi, i have been recently been sent a pair Zagg Z-Buds Generation Two for review and comparison. The Comparison part will be up later, for now though. Here's my thoughts and points on the Z-Buds that are no longer silver, but in the new BLACK.

The Zagg Z-buds are a pair of $79.99 Headset Earphones which are designed specifically for the Apple iPhone. They were designed so that users are able to answer calls, talk on the phone, and pause/change their music ALL on the Earphone themselves. The Cable was specially designed so that it does not tangle.

The Packaging wasn't really that impressive at all, the cheap thin cardboard box was very disappointing, and the prints on the box were fuzzy. Also comes in pone of those Seal Plastic Horrid know what i'm talking about.

Most Important, Sound Quality

The Highs, were disappointing. They weren't crisp, clear, or accurate. Seemed although there wasn't any high notes at all. The High's were also overpowered by the Lows and Mids, which were quite annoying as listening to Mariah Carey's High Voice on these made her voice sound like...well...

Warm, and smooth. But lacked the detail, and accuracy of other similar priced earphones, like the Ultimate Ears 220. The Vocals were nice on these earphones, but they sounded a tad muffled, along with being overpowered by the Lows.

Lows: 7/10
Lows, are the party piece for these earphones. If you're a basshead person, then you won't be disappointed with these. However...If you're a basshewad that also looks for super accuracy, and high quality thumping that doesn't overpower anything in the frequency then you might want to stay away. As the Bass on these are ...well yes powerful and thumping, but it doesn't punch nearly hard enough and it's a bit on the Muddy side.

Very Decent, Comes with 4 pairs of Foam, 4 Pairs of Silicone, and a pair of Triple Flange. Also comes with pouch, though it's not the best pouch. At least you get one unlike many lower end Earphones.

Fit Wise, They did create a nice seal, that isolated quite a lot of noise, the design of the earphone also makes it easy to insert and create that seal that is very important for sound quality, comfort and isolation. Comfort wise though, yet they are comfortable compared to many, but because the cables are a tad thick, and rough. Also because the shape of the earphones are a tad on the downside for comfort, they aren't as comfortable as a pair of Westone Um1, or Phonak Audeo PFE's. The tips that come with them....well they're half good. The Silicone Rubber Tips are quite nice to use actually, they are very similar to the ones that you get from the Ultimate Ears700. they're a tad stiffer, and makes insertion easy. The Foam are maybe one of the worse i've seen, they're aren't quite as bad as the ones you get from the old Marshmallows, but they are stiff, and expand fast making insertion extremely hard, and even if you get it in. NOt comfortable.

Fantastic Mic, wind doesn't pic up on the mic very well=Good thing. Your voice comes out pretty clear on the other side. Though the module is a tad on the large side, they are quite as large as Shure's own mic Adapter, the MPA. However, the Shure adapter does over better clarity, and the quality of the call is higher.

Overall, These are truly designed what they're to be, a headset that works with iPhone. Easy to use, Calls are clear, and it's versatile. However, if you're looking for a earphone that's good for listening music with, you might want to look somewhere else unless you're one of the average bassheads, even then i could recommend something else at the price of $79.99 that i would say is better in sound quality.

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I agree much with this review. I also feel that the sound is not very good in my review of them. It is inarticulate. But, the mic is not as clear as some other offerings. The problem is that their marketing video and literature shows a picture or the model wearing with the mic and cable placed behind the jawline. i found that for that purpose, the mic is unclear and muddy. It is much better near the jaw, but still, the weight and unwieldy cable made using them about as fun as... well.
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Yes, i agree with this review. As show in my review on these. Search "Zagg Z-buds Generation 1 and 2 Review" and you'll see. The sound isn't that great for listening, the mic is decent for the price. But Shure's offering is much more clear, and a far superior product.

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