YY Pro Audio Cable - JH Audio 3-way EQ Module
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Jun 15, 2009
The first aftermarket cable I've purchased, and the only one I know of that fully utilizes the 4 pin Jerry Harvey Audio connector: One connector for ground, then three separate connectors for lows, mids, and highs. Unfortunately, this $200 product is many times worse than the OEM cable by Moon Audio.

In my JH Audio Lola, there is one circuit for the 2x balanced armature woofers, a second circuit for the 2x opposed dynamic midrange drivers, and a third for the 4x balanced armature tweeters.

I love this sound, and I love being able to change the bass levels, but a U shaped response needs the treble boosted as well, and sometimes for pop music, that's exactly what I want.

Unfortunately, after a long discussion with YY Pro Audio about fixing the issues or refunding the product, I was left with the following issues, shown in pictures below:

-Microphonics: This is the most microphonic cable I've ever used. Period. I've never felt a harder plastic on any kind of cable, and just dragging across a piqued polo or collar makes noise that overpowers music when it's quietly playing. Totally unusable.

-Memory/Spring: Setting another record, in the worst way possible, the YY Pro Audio cable is also the most bouncy cable I've used. It comes off my ears frequently because of how stiff it is. When the company first sent me pictures of the cable, they coiled it to make it look flat. It certainly sits like this, but you have to coil it in a particular way. Impossible while it's being worn.

-Glue: Never have I seen so much glue in the construction of cable. It's inside the EQ module making it nearly impossible to re-use. It's also all over the pole the screw on part of the IEM connector sits on.

IMG_20180923_202738 (Large).jpg IMG_20180923_202548 (Large).jpg IMG_20180923_202838 (Large).jpg IMG_20180924_210032 (Large).jpg 41072600_264023501105780_1223584565713436672_n (Large).jpg

^This last picture is the one their customer service sent me. Every glue issue is obscured, and it appears to lie flat.


I really hope YY Pro Audio can improve their cable material and use of glue. This would be an excellent product for all Jerry Harvey IEM owners as that 4-pin connector has a lot of potential to use with a 3 band EQ. Unfortunately, this implementation of it is more of a rough prototype than a product I can use regularly, and I can't recommend their customer service either. It now sits in a drawer as I've gone back to the OEM cable.

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