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Yulong Audio Da8 II DSD ESS9018 32bit 384KHZ DAC+Amp mint w/ cables

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  1. KeyboardMonkey
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    I am selling my used Yulong Audio Sabre DA8 II in MINT condition.

    I am selling this unit because I am looking to make an upgrade to something else but make no mistake, I love this thing. The sound quality that comes out of it is absolutely amazing.

    I'm including the original box and manual. I am also including an aftermarket AC power cable and USB-A to USB-B data transfer cable. Both cables are braided and are of very high quality. The power cable is the Pangea AC-14SE MKII 1.5meter and the USB cable is their PCOCC & 4% silver 1.5meter cable.

    If you have any questions at all about the unit feel free to contact me. I will usually respond the same day.
    I bought this a little under a year ago on crutchfield.com during one of their sales.

    I'm a little new to head-fi and if you are concerned about me having no feedback then check out my ebay listing here:


    Long time seller with 400+ 100% feedback score.

    Last edited: Aug 4, 2017
  2. KeyboardMonkey



    Price Drop!

    New Price = $645
  3. KeyboardMonkey

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