Yuin PK2 (how can it be?)
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Jan 14, 2009
I've heard numerous praises on these earbuds, but cannot understand how they can be that good. Would someone who owns them be able to describe exactly how they sound? I understand how sealed iem's can sound good due the sealing effect, but I have yet to hear any actual earbud-type phones that sound excellent & I just cant understand how the output can be that good on something that small that sits just outside the ear. When people talk about how good they sound, is it just in comparison w/ other earbuds, or are these things on par w/ iems & maybe some full size earphones? I'm just extremely interested in these, since I like the portability of them, and I would like something that's non-isolating in order to hear my work telephone ring.
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Try the pk3 first and if you like it, get the pk1 (I have a used one on the scope but I can't seem to find my wallet
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That's because there are only a couple brands that make earbuds that sound good. Yuin is one, the other(s) I have no idea.

Get the PK3. You will be pleasantly surprised.
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The seal has no improvement on SQ, rather bad seal has a detrimental effect on SQ. Earbuds generally can get good soundstage down better, although it might not have as deep bass.

that makes sense. Maybe the world is just too littered with really bad earbuds, because I've just grown accustomed to earbuds = crappy sound.
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The PK1 and OK1 might knock your socks off.

Part of Yuin's appeal is that they offer a well balanced frequency response, a clean, detailed sound, and just don't really mess anything up.

This isn't to say Yuin is the only company making good buds, but it's about the only one being discussed on Head-Fi. I really don't think they're alone, but people seem more willing to step to an IEM from a full sized headphone instead of a bud type.

The isolation is simply an added benefit. It's sort of like buying a fully enclosed can or not. Other then knocking down the noise floor of the environment, there isn't anything specific the isolation does for SQ.
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I would look into the PK3 model as well. The sound of the PK2 just seemed too airy and "high as a kite," with no real sense of ground or impact to it.
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If I listened to these (pk3's) cranked up, will my coworkers here my music? I'm trying to decide if I should go withe the pk3, re2 or ne-7m for work. I'd be listening to talking heads, the postal service, 3-6 mafia, nine inch nails, david bowie, so pretty much a wide range. Any suggestions?
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I have a pair of the Yuin PK1 and my wife has the PK2. Both are excellent. the PK1 needs to be amped. I find the soundstage to be fine and the overall sound is rockin'. The bass is a bit strong for my taste, but then I've been listening to my music with AKG 271s and 701's. The PK2's are terrrific. Good punchy sound. Much better than stock Ipod earbuds. My wife really like's them (and she would not want to fool with an amp). So she's happy. I've heard nice things about the PK3, but have not heard them (just that they have a high fun factor). The Yuins are superb. Take yer pick. For sheer portability try the PK2's or PK3's.

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