Yuin Ok2 Earbuds
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Aug 2, 2008
Hi everyone,

I would just like to say something on my new headphones. I bought the Yuin ok2 headphones and must already say I am very happy with the earbuds. I bought these headphones firstly because they were mid-range in price of the three (ok1 - £110, ok2 - £70 and ok3 - £30) and because they had a very low impedence; 16 Ohms making these headphones useable in any old music player I use.

I have not yet burned these in and am not sure how much of an effect 100 hours of burn in will have but I must say these are sounding good already. I have a slim devices squeezebox that has been hooked up to a Beresford DAC.

They are comfortable as ear buds but not so as canals and so I concur with other reviewers that they are not suitable IEMs.

I compared these to a basic pair of Sennheiser closed cup headphones and surprisingly the Yuin's were better (perhaps there wasn't enough power to drive the Sennheisers). But to even say that with earbuds is something.

If I were to review the sound on these Yuin's I would say that the sound is clean, clear and with good crisp highs. There is not much bass to these but I must admit I am turning into more of a reference listener (i.e. I would like to hear it as they made it!) so I really don't mind.


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