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Feb 9, 2007
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Feb 9, 2007
For sale is my Yuin Ok1 earbuds.  I've owned these for a very long time is my first high end head-fi product.  I have not been disappointed since.
I am selling them simply to minimize my collection.  I don't like to have what I don't use, and these simply do not get the play time they used to.  It's time for someone else to enjoy them.
You are getting what's shown in the photos.  The OK1 comes with everything it did brand new.  It comes in the original case and has all accessories.  You get everything I got when I brought it brand new.  The earbuds work 100%.  The condition is excellent with only very minor wear on the white silk screening which is not bad at all for many years of use.
I have cleaned everything with isopropyl alcohol.  The unit is wiped down, and the cables are wiped down.  I do this with everything I sell.  It is cleaned and then packaged.  
I will ship anywhere in the world.  I typically ship USPS as they are the most cost effective as well as most often the quickest.  Within the US, shipping with be $12.  This includes insurance and delivery confirmation. Anywhere else in the world it will likely be around $30 insured via Priority International.  Cheaper options are available.  Feel free to check rates at the USPS website (my zipcode 56001).  Worldwide, I do prefer to ship via Express as it does offer more tracking and faster delivery.  However there is a price premium.  I will opt for Priority International and insure for the sold value unless otherwise specified.
I will note that some locations do not have insurance.  USPS can not insure to some countries who are unwilling to support the process.  It's rare, but I have shipped to a location that could not be insured before.  If I can't insure, I will tell you.
I attempt to ship same day if possible.  It is not always the case.  I work 6 days a week and can have difficulty creating a time to drop a package off during post office business hours.  Most likely it will be during my work lunch break the following day.  Worst case would be the end of week on Saturday.
The price is $150 + sh.
I am not looking for best offers.  I am not looking for trades.  I will simply say no to either.  If you want to bother, go ahead.  I'll still say no to any lower offers or trades.
The price does not include shipping charges nor any potential customs charges.  Shipping fees will depend on where you live as well as what shipping method is used.  Customs fees vary greatly depending on country.  Know your customs operations to know if you will be charged and for how much.
As for shipping fees.  The above values for shipping is just a close approximation.  I will ask for the price + sh rate upon purchase.  I typically charge an approximate amount, and I will refund the difference if it's more than a couple dollars.  I have the secondary option of getting an exact amount, but shipping will be delayed some.
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