Your view on the Klipsch Custom 1
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Feb 26, 2009
My brother has a Ipod Classic 80GB and as usual we all know Ipods come with pathetic generic Ipod headphones, I mean even Creative and probably Cowon supply their owners with better headphones that what Apple does with Ipods. He uses the typical white Ipod headphones.

Anyhow I have been looking at getting him a pair of Klipsch Custom 1 In Ear headphones for his B'day, something to brigthen up that dull boring sound from his Ipod generic headphones.

Whats your view in terms of sound re these In-Ear headphones and in terms of sound wise how do they compare to the Bose In-Ear headphones.

Are they well worth it ?
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They sound nothing like the Bose in ear. Nothing.

Bose in ear are big, boomy bass monsters with mediocre clarity and highs. They just kind of "sit" in your ear, very weird fit.
The Custom 1's are a lot brighter, clearer, and more forward. And they fit a helluva lot better too.
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Ok, so I am presuming you'd take the Klipsch Custom 1 anyday am I correct
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the custom 1 are all about the mids, great mids on them. not so great highs and somewhat bass light. now i really like them but i wouldnt say its the sort of thing that everyone will. most people would probably like rather lots more bass.

if you know he would like the bass light nature of them then they are great but i suspect something more bassy might be a better bet
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I would recommend a pair of Monster Turbines, good bass, good midrange, and good treble with decent detail. They will be good for anything he wants to listen too especially the genres you mentioned IMO.

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