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Your thoughts on the Apple In Ear's

  1. flash52595
    I'm just curious as to what you guys think of the Apple In Ear's. Personally I think their great they offer competely balanced and detailed sound with their dual drivers. I was really surprised when they said that they had dual drivers for such a cheap price, as compared to other dual driver headphones. I'm just wondering what you guys think of them, and if any of you have them.
  2. tinyman392
    I actually think they are pretty good.  The bass has decent impact and punch.  Good texture and body.  They sound more midcentric to me (they did have good mids though) but I don't like the high-end roll off. 
  3. Nagasaki_Kid
    we call them addiem(Apple dual driver in ear monitor) around these parts. do a search.
  4. flash52595
    Ahh, so that's what addiem means, I'll do a search.
  5. Sullyvan
    I love their tight and accurate bass, as well as their crisp highs.

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