Your Favourite Pink Floyd Album?
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Jul 5, 2007
So I'm sure there are plenty of Pink Floyd fans here. I'm a bit bored, so I figured I'd make a thread and see what everyone's favourite Floyd album was.

Dark Side of the Moon is my favourite, but The Wall is a very, very close 2nd. I used to absolutely hate The Wall, until I forced myself to listen to it, from start to finish. As I then discovered, that was the way I should have been listening to The Wall in the first place. The way Waters put that album together like a musical/play is just genius. It's truly amazing.

I think my least favourite Floyd album would be Animals. At the moment, it does almost nothing for me.
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"The Dark Side of the Moon" is my favorite, with "The Division Bell" as a close second. "Pulse" is quite nice as well...
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Yes, Obscured By Clouds does contain a few of my most liked Floyd songs - but overall I would still pick the live side of Ummagumma as my favorite Pink Floyd Album.
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"Dark Side Of The Moon" is one of those iconic releases that seem almost ridiculous not to pick when asked such a question. However my selection, and the Pink Floyd album that I have gone back to most over the years, is "Wish You Were Here." "Dark Side Of The Moon," "Animals," "The Wall" "Ummagumma," and "Meddle" would follow closely in that order.
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my list:

Wish you were here
Dark Side of the Moon
Division Bell
the Wall
Momentary Lapse of Reason

and after you have listened to all of those, there will be a test!
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Meddle is probably my favorite. I prefer the early Floyd albums, and I believe that Meddle is the best of them.
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Most definitely the Pulse DVD simply because it incorporates the best performances of most of the best songs from the best albums.
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In terms of actual albums, I'd say:
1.Wish you were here
2.Dark side of the moon
3.The Division Bell

Live... PULSE. Both the DVD and CD (They're slightly different performances)

Only thing that keeps DSOTM from the number one slot... I'm not a fan of the song "Money". (winces as he expects folk to start throwing things)
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Wish you were here, followed closely by Meddle. I love Dark Side, but it's just been beaten to death at this point.

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