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Your favorite Top line Speaker Manufacturer

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  1. r3cc0s
    I personally really enjoy a number of speaker lines which are not quite as mainstream, yet however I had an aching curiosity as to whom are your "commercial" favorites?

    Mine comes through as being the Focal Utopia line

    but others that come to mind that possibly sound as good are:
    Sonus Faber, Dynaudio & Monitor Audio (Plantium series)
  2. krmathis Contributor
    Voted 'Sonus Faber'.
    But 'B&W' and 'Final' are up there as well.
  3. chesebert
    Voted SF, although I do love Quad, and Dynaudio is great once you get over their 'beginner' line...honestly once you get over $10k with most of those brands listed, you will do ok [​IMG]
  4. hughwi
    I have an old pair of KEF Q60's and love them to bits, however, a mate has a really nice pair of Quad's... and my old B&W's were nice, up there with Mordaunt Short...
  5. Riboge Contributor
    You called them "top line" one place and "big name" another, so I don't know if it's the most fame or quality your after, but if it's the later then GamuT.
  6. Uncle Erik Contributor
    I voted for Quad as my favorite on your list. Though I'd put Magnepan pretty high up, and I'm still enamored of my ProAc 2.5 clones. Not originals, but I imagine they're wonderful, too. Though maybe a bit esoteric, I lust for a pair of Lowthers or Supravox field coil drivers.
  7. guzziguy
    You might want to consider adding an "other" choice to your poll. I really enjoy Joseph Audio speakers.
  8. hendry
    My Choice is : Burmester, Audio Physic and Kharma
  9. thejoneser Contributor
    Other: Magico.
  10. hendry
    yes magico, little speaker with great sound [​IMG]
  11. darkninja67
    Dali and Monitor Audio definitely need to be added to that list. I now own Monitor Audio GS60s and they easily beat the B&W speakers in the same price range IMO.

    And the Dali Helicon (not my personal cup of tea) are some of the best speakers for the money. Talking used on Agon here though as the price increase makes things more difficult.

    EDIT: been drinking and somehow missed the MA selection. My bad.

    EDIT 2: I must really be hammered as I miss the "Big Name" part of the thread. Did not see it in the main title though. Dali is a fairly big name in the world but not really in the USA (yet)
  12. tom hankins
    Absolutely THIEL! Not only love the sound, but the people at Thiel are great.
  13. majid Contributor
    B&W 800 series all the way. I love the looks of the Sonus Faber homage series, though. Too bad they cost almost as much as the Cremona violins they are named after...
  14. VeipaCray
    Voted B&W for their outstanding 802D speakers.

    If it were on the list, I'd tip my hat towards Wilson Audio as well.
  15. Jaw007
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