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Your best headphones under $1000

  1. Wuni
    So like the title says, what is your favourite headphone under $1000 and why.
  2. Stillhart
    MrSpeakers AEON Closed. Beautifully balanced sound signature (to my ears), fast but smooth highs, great mids, punchy bass while still being balanced, super light and comfortable, pretty open-sounding for a closed headphone but with all the PNC I need, easy to drive, solid accessories, great price to performance benchmark.

    I realize that there's a portion of the community that thinks the AEON is bass light. I don't agree with them, though I understand why they might say that.
  3. Wuni
    Yea does seem to be that the go-to headphones are the Aeon Flows, maybe even the LCDC2c and HE500s. What setup do you use to power yoir setup?
  4. buke9
    HE-500’s. But one other thing that needs to be considered is the amp. Most plus $1000 headphones would be better with a amp as the Aeons would. I still would think I would pick the 500’s over the Aeon’s as I like their highs more the mids we could argue on and bass would be dependent on the song but think the 500’s would still edge them out. I just like their raw edge and can still do Neil Young Old Man with sweetness.
  5. Rhamnetin
    The ones I rank the highest are the ZMF Ori and HiFiMan Sundara.

    ZMF Ori = My personal favorite. Only Audeze LCD headphones and maybe the Abyss Phi (and maybe Susvara but I doubt it based on every other HiFiMan) have better bass quality than it, but even then the Ori bass is impressive next to the LCD-4 despite not being as good (I've owned both). But it has more bass slam than every Audeze and HiFiMan no doubt, my favorite bass slam of any headphone. Gorgeous mids and one of the least flawed treble presentations I've come across in a non-electrostatic headphone, nice mix of being polite and airy without any major peaks or dips. Amazingly transparent vocals, overall the tonality is perfect for me. I actually prefer this to most flagships including the LCD-4.

    HiFiMan Sundara = Amazing technical performance for below $1,500. I have NEVER heard such good sound stage and imaging for below $1,000, lovely slightly laid back and very musical sound signature, great bass texture, polite treble though I did discover a minor flaw that causes cymbals to sound inaccurate (did not hear sibilance but I'd need to listen more). This is the true successor to the HE-500, not the HE-560.

    Have not listened to the Aeons yet, my MrSpeakers experience is limited to the Alpha Dog, Ether, and Ether-C.
    Last edited: Jul 5, 2018
  6. Stillhart
    I listen to mine right out of the Chord Mojo for hours a day at work. Beautiful combo and any upgrades from it will cost a lot of scratch, thanks to the pair being at such a great price/performance ratio.

    I do really love the Ori, as suggested by Rhamnetin. Totally different sound signature, very complementary to the AEON. Needs a little more juice out of your amp than the AEON does to sound its best. But you asked for favorite. :-D
  7. Lulu800
    Shure SRH1540, Great bass with a sparkly treble and the most open i've heard for a closed back.
  8. whirlwind
    ZMF Ori has to be considered
  9. khayo
    I kk know it's an iem but I had to chime in. To date the campfire Vega is my baby. It's allowed me to hear things I've never heard before while giving me the bass oonph I need without sacrificing treble.
  10. avsmusic1
  11. Lulu800
    For IEM's the ER4S is my contender, Sound fantastic and even more so with a EQ on the bass/treble areas.
  12. FastAndClean
    HE500 are the best headphones under 1000$ for me, the mids are just spectacular

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