You should listen to this!
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Jan 10, 2007
I'm allways curious to what people are listening to.
There are some threads here to follow but I would like to ad one...
The idea is this;

Post a song (or an album) that is really one of your favourite songs (or albums) that we should listen to.
Don't post songs (or albums...) that you hate, let's keep it positive and try to prevent useless discussions...

State what genre (we will have no off topic discussions about this! so if someone stated that an album is "Blues" and you think its "Bluesrock" so be it, ok..?)
Name the artist, the title of the album and the song.
And if you want to, comment on why you like it so much.

Should be fun!

(If you like to post a song or album just for the great recording quality, feel free to do so!)
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Let me kick off...


Eric Clapton
Album; "24 nights"
Song; "old love"

After listening mostly to the "unplugged" album and version of this song, I went back to this one and was hugely impressed with the way it get's played here, fantastic!
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Maybe something a little more obscure then..?

At least for the people outside of Belgium or Holland...

Artist; Admiral Freebee
Album; "Admiral freebee"
Song; "There's a road (Noorderlaan)"

Someone asked a song to be played from this album once when I was out on the town of Hasselt in Belgium.
They played "Rags 'n run" wich is also an outstanding song imo.
Months later I managed to track down this album and ordered it at a local music store.
Since then I attended a concert at "De Vooruit" in Ghent by The Admiral wich allso was fabulous.
And bought most of his albums...
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Artist: Nine Inch Nails
Album: The Fragil (Left)
Song: Even Deeper

This track will truly test your cans "impact". Heck even my 701's hit hard with this track.
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Acid House? (I think thats what they call it, I dont see the house part)
Artist: Primal Scream
Album: Screamadelica

The whole thing. Great work as a whole
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Genre: Pop
Artist: Christel Alsos
Album: Closing The Distance
Song: Come Back To Me
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By BigJohnShooterXL

BlueziePopJazz (Idonknow...)
Artist; Amos Lee
Album; "Supply And Demand"
Track; "Truth" (live)

What a surprise after all the "easy" listening to the other songs on the album suddenly this!

Great stuff!
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Originally Posted by sunseeker888 /img/forum/go_quote.gif
One I always recommend as a "must-listen" is The Clash's "Guns of Brixton" off of their album "London Calling". Hell the whole album just rocks

Agree on that!

I was 13 years old when that came out (?!) and played it completely gray (that's a direct translation from a Dutch saying and means I've played it a lot!
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Originally Posted by ken36 /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Good stuff. I'm just not in this league, so I have nothing to contribute, but I will be downloading and listening.

Hi Ken,
After "running" into you a lot here I'm sure you are in this league!

Kind regards,

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Artist: Led Zeppelin
Album: Led Zeppelin I
Song: Your time is Gonna Come
Genre: Rock
Reason: Do i really need one?
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Don't know if many people outside of Holland know this...

By BigJohnShooterXL
Jules Deelder is somewhat of a phenomonon here in Holland and an avid Jazz lover.

By BigJohnShooterXL
I think his compilations are a great way to experiance and discover Jazz.

Artist; compilation disc
Album; Deelder draait door
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By BigJohnShooterXL

Neil Diamond
12 songs
Hell Yeah

To be played at my funeral

[size=xx-small]Still my favourite Neil Diamond song remains; "Cracklin' Rose"[/size]

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