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You know you're an audiophile when...

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by ohhgourami, Mar 14, 2011.
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  1. kookoo

    I've just read those links...horrible comparisons, very unfair because both DT990 and HD650 serve different purposes. Definitely feels like a paid review. As far as build quality is concerned, you don't buy these headphones to throw them around. All it says is how ham fisted beats users are
  2. DefQon
    How is it any different when Head-fi has example thread's full of them? 
  3. Doc-holliday
    The difference? The actual WEBSITE publishing a comparison between an open back home use audiophile headphone to a closed consumer "studio"/portable is a LOT different than some random head-fi'er posting a comparison. Generally I find the majority of educated head-fiers do tend to compare apples to apples in their reviews and comparisons. I have never seen Jude or Amos for example publish an article comparing two headphones intended for COMPLETELY different uses head to head against each other.
  4. DefQon
    Yeah but what thread's do new posters register and look at? Reviews by the 'educated' here sometimes are too hard to understand (not for me but you get the picture) for some newbie's, it's easier for them to just read some basic level language small opinionated comparison between A and B in a thread then follow a massive educated review that features technical 'audiophile terms' followed by any measurement/frequency response charts.
    And honestly I don't see anything bad with comparing two different types of dynamic driver based headphones, they can have some similarities compared with such as bass, soundstaging, imaging etc. If a comparison was made between some high end electrostat to a low-end dynamic Sennheiser, then yes that would be probably pose a problem for those reading a review.
    Actually come to think of it, you may be just upset that the Beats Pro was recommended for isolation purposes and my above was directed to the DT990 vs 650 comparison. I for one don't like any lineup of the Beat's due to Monster's greedy pricing.
  5. miceblue
    ...when you meet a friend for lunch and upon getting seated at a restaurant, before you even order, you start pulling out your audio rig and comparing headphones/DAC/amps. XD
  6. Parall3l

    Head-Fi shills are much more obvious, and speaks from a position without much authority. We also have mandatory MOT tags, which helps a lot. Mods also ban or delete advertising posts.
  7. kookoo
    As you've pointed out that particular website is for people with little knowledge about headphones which is why that website should have compared similar products, one was closed for use outdoors while the other is open and for use indoors with an amp. that's why it was an unfair comparison.
    As for how the website is different to headfi, this place is a person's opinion whereas the other is a place which projects an authoritive review and giving a sense of knowledge on the subject matter.
    Anybody coming to headfi thinking they will get all their answers without making up their own mind and/or trying out that particular gear well i'm sorry but i can't help them
  8. Doc-holliday

    You are not reading the thread then. The whole point is the article is Beats VS. HD650. Not 650 vs 990

    I am actually not "upset" about anything. I am just pointing that your logic bares no resemblance to reality. Even headfiers with a basic understanding of headphones don't review such phones up against each other.
  9. Doc-holliday

    @DefQon Lol, I just realized from the way this is written if you didn't catch the first part it looks like we are comparing the above two. No he is saying that those two are very different phones to the Beats Pro and comparing them isn't a fair comparison. Look at the posts before that and click the articles and you will see what he means.
  10. Parall3l
    Maybe we should get back on topic, after all, Currawong is always watching...

    You know you're an audiophile when you complain about the PA system at work
  11. Achmedisdead
    when you notice the sibilance from the movie theatre's sound system during the previews....
  12. kookoo

    My bad i see how this can be misunderstood. Apologies everyone. and yes Currawong is always watching XD
  13. Gallade475
    No, I myself was saying that they said beats were more rugged than a truly tank-like pair of headphones, which is a false statement.
  14. takato14
    Beats aren't rugged. Ignore those review sites.
    Actually, ignore any good reviews of Beats period because any positive statements made about Beats are lies. 
    Some may disagree with me about this, and say something like "herp derp they are good for rap and hip-hop" but in actuality, for half the price of a pair of beats, you can get a headphone that does those genres FAR better. Another one I've heard is that they're good for DJing. Once again, significantly cheaper options that will perform far better are available. Pioneer's line of DJ headphones are a good example.  
    Bottom-line? NEVER support the rip-off artists who make ****ty celebrity-endorsed headphones like Beats. NEVER.
    You know you're an audiophile when you type out at least one argument against Beats every day.
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  15. briskly
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