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You know you're an audiophile when...

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by ohhgourami, Mar 14, 2011.
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  1. vc1187
    when you adjust your buttcheeks right before a fart to try to change its sound signature.  From my experience, pulling the left cheek forward increases its sub bass quality, pulling the right cheek forward provides a bit of distortion on the low frequencies, and spreading both cheeks widens the soundstage greatly.
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  2. DGriff0400
    when you dont answer your phone at 2am unless your asking for headphone advice.
  3. VisceriousZERO
    When you find this actually impressive.
  4. BBBS

    do you have recommendations for lube?
  5. vc1187
    yeah... not a big fan of the 'K-Y Jelly Veil'.  Makes it sound muddy or muffled... and though some truly appreciate the sound, I'm not a big fan.
  6. VisceriousZERO
    Going back on topic
    You know you're an audiophile when searching for the perfect test songs is just as time-consuming as searching for the next audio-related purchase.
  7. takato14
    What the **** just happened up there...
    When you PM 8 different people who have a headphone you REALLY want in an attempt to acquire one...
    I'd do anything to get my hands on an SS-100 damnit.
  8. kenman345
    My friends a DJ and understands my terminal condition....(audiophilia).....so he's helped me isolate the ranges for test tracks a few times. 
  9. Argyris Contributor
    You know you're an audiophile when you see a lady with the name Andrea embroidered on her hoodie in a fancy script, and you at first read it as Audeze.
    Just happened to me in my local Meijer today.
  10. streetdragon
    when you think that steinzeiser coppied sennheiser[​IMG]
  11. wolfetan44
    When you freak out that your comment that you made on Headphone Lounge on Facebook, was liked by Burson Audio[​IMG].
  12. lg777
    Try inserting a comply foam tip for a better seal.
  13. miceblue
    ...when you can somewhat interpret a spectrogram and upon showing a friend one, they exclaim "What is this???"
    ...or when you get that same person mad because you claim modern pop music sucks because of all of the artificial "instruments" they use, which causes the song to sound completely fake and unnatural (backing up your claim with a spectrogram)
    A very popular modern song (leftmost portion) vs a symphonic metal track from 2004 (rightmost portion)
    It's really sad when a pop song has more treble energy than a metal track.
    and yes that portion is the treble region (6 kHz+)
  14. VisceriousZERO
    When you spend 3 hours in a record and turntable store talking about headphones.
  15. streetdragon
    the pop section of the track looks so choppy, i also see that the pop track has more bloated bass than the metal track
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