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You know you're an audiophile when...

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by ohhgourami, Mar 14, 2011.
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  1. takato14
    Lol, I let my friend listen to my Reference Ones a couple days ago when we swapped headphones. I got the displeasure of trying a SC Hesh :D
    He was blown away by them, and when I told him that they were over 40 years old his jaw dropped. I smiled at that.
  2. VisceriousZERO
    You know you're an audiophile when you realize these things in this particular order:
    1. You have a new rig and headphones to set up and play with
    2. Your music sounds so much better on this new rig
    3. Oh God, it's 12 am and I have class/work/a meeting tomorrow
    4. 5 more minutes! (it's 1am)
    5. Its 2am! I gotta sleep!
    6. I'm still in my work clothes
  3. wolfetan44
    You know your an audiophile when you have a dream about some vintage white headphones (forgot the name) and the M50's. I dont even want those headphones at the moment[​IMG]
  4. streetdragon
    *Has a dream about owning a SR60, 3 weeks later end up purchasing an MS1*
  5. Coop
    ...When your 2 year old son, completely stressed out, tells you 'daddy! daddy! you're forgetting your suitcase!' when you leave for work...
    'Suitcase' refers to the Vanguard hardcase I use to transport my ES10 in. I take it with me to work everyday, but today I had to go to a customer and wouldn't be able to use it...
    So I told my kid 'It's ok son, daddy has both his Vsonic GR04 and Westone UM3X in his laptop bag...', the creepy part is, that answer seemed to soothe him.
    Could this affliction of ours be genetic?? Just to be sure I ordered him his first headphones :) (he's only 2, so nothing special (the good stuff doesn't really fit his little head yet), but after the holidays he will be the proud owner of a set of blue Kids Gear volume limiting headphones)
  6. GL1TCH3D

    Aha, nice!
    And interestingly enough, I found out my father used to be a speaker junkie xD
    Maybe it is genetic...
  7. takato14
    Interesting... this notion never struck me before. I might look into that.
    You know you're an audiophile when you remember having a pair of really old headphones with a 1/4" jack when you were little and you want to go back in time to find them before they got lost at your grandmothers house just to know what they sound like :<
  8. warrenpchi Administrator
    LOL, I'd feel pride in that!
    Hmm, good question.  I don't believe any specific gene sequences have been identified for it.  But I have a feeling that - to the extent it can be nurtured - you'll do your very best!
    Awesome!  Ask him for his impressions! 
  9. kenman345
    Get him started working on reviews at an early age. He'll have companies begging him to review products for them by the age of 12...
  10. Coop
    Already registered a domain name for the website he can publish his reviews on... (actually, I did that in the week he was born :) )
    Ofcourse, as he would be under age, his dad would have to take care of all the review samples they send him [​IMG]
  11. linglingjr
    lol okay okay I have to ask. What genres does he listen to?
  12. Jamesy1969
    I'm guessing gangster rap, grindcore and Miley Cyrus.
  13. kenman345
    Please please dont say he's into barney songs.....
  14. BBBS
    Obviously Throbbing Gristle and no-wave music.
  15. miceblue
    ...when you bring a fairly bulky amp (Objective2) to school and your friend exclaims "what is that?!?!". In which you reply by giving them the usual spiel for what a headphone amp does.
    ...when you bring that same amp to an Apple Store to compare your headphones (Crossfade M-100) to the other competition and customers who are browsing the new iPod Touches stare in awe at you as you go from headphone to headphone swapping out the stock cables and adjusting the volume of the amp accordingly.
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