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You know you're an audiophile when...

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by ohhgourami, Mar 14, 2011.
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  1. takato14
    Apple has headphones on display?
  2. miceblue

    Took 5 seconds to Google Image "Apple Store"
  3. Doc-holliday

    That's what amazes me about the popularity of SOME headphones out there (b).

    People ACTUALLY GET TO HEAR THEM before shelling out 300+ dollars for them......
  4. PastaChief
    And here I am willing to travel interstate just to demo some high-end headphones.
  5. justie
    U're an audiophile/gear slut when  u get a little annoyed when ur friend describes AKG K701 as the headphone that always shows up in all animes =.= I mean, its such a good headphone but has been described as anime headphones and its only ONE anime >:/
  6. GL1TCH3D

    I actually JUST finished K-On today xD
  7. takato14
  8. justie
    mio <3
    haha XD
    but yea, because of it my friends refer the K701 as the anime headphones haha
  9. stevenswall
    ^I'm pretty sure I see lots of Audio Technica's in those too... Or maybe I'm just confusing seeing them on Japanese models, and animated characters/avatars.
  10. miceblue

    ...when you cosplay as an anime character to create a legitimate excuse to buy more headphones.

    Should I get a K701 or Q701?
    I plan to do a cosplay of Mio for an anime expo next year.
    K701 = the original, but the Q701 = more modern and slightly refined sonically
  11. talisman42

    You should post a pic of yourself when you get the headphone
  12. GL1TCH3D

    Some cosplay nerds might freak out if it's not the K701 =0
    But I doubt most people would really notice...
  13. takato14
    Just get the white Q701, and don't use the green cable. Most people won't notice. Plus, the Q701 is a a funner presentation than the K701.
  14. CBus Audio
    You agonize over your decision to buy a source weeks after perusing every message board, review, etc. you can find, finally, making a decision and then agonize again when you see another post for a source different from your original choices.
  15. miceblue
    Does the Q701 have a black cable? All of the videos/photos I've seen show a 10 ft. green cable and a ridiculously long 20 ft. green cable.

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