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You know you're an audiophile when...

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by ohhgourami, Mar 14, 2011.
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  1. MaximumSandvich
    You walk up to the guys at your community college on the first day of Fall term who have a booth set up where people can audition their headphones (It was Sol Republic this time, they have a base less than 50 miles from my house) and test out all of the headphones and IEMs they have, giving a critique of each and comparing them to other headphones you've heard, while silently noting a few things about each in order to do reviews and comparisons and answer questions about them on head-fi later!
    Also, when you call yourself a gamer but your audio setup costs more than your computer.
  2. takato14
    I'd bring them everywhere too, cuz if someone DID try to steal them from me, I'd go totally ape-**** on them XD
  3. miceblue

    Yeah but the fact that you need decent gear to go with them, they're open back, and they're over $1000 makes little sense to bring them to school and for storing in your backpack.
    Not to mention the LCD-2's are like wearing lead on your head because they're so darn heavy.
  4. GL1TCH3D

    Why not?
    My Shure se535 just don't match up in SQ...

    Ahem, 3x the cost of my computer.

    I wrap them in a towel and only bring them when I have sufficient space in my bag and on days where I won't have to leave them any where.

    I use the O2 amp on the go.

    The weight of the LCD2 has never bothered me. Quite frankly, they're still the second most comfortable headphones I've ever worn. (well, third most comfortable right behind the lcd3)
  5. takato14
    Eh, I'd deal with it. Quite frankly if I had the HD800s I'd only use them portably to look like a total badass. And with me, no matter how big the headphone, I wear it around my neck when I'm not listening. Yeah, it doesn't work so well with my SE-700s or my K240s but whatever, it's convenient for me :p
  6. GL1TCH3D

    The LCD2/hd800 don't work so well around the neck because of the size (or maybe I just have a small neck).
    I could just turn off the amp and since they're almost completely open back I can still hear everything around me.
  7. takato14
    How does that work for you? I mean, can it fit in your pocket or do you use your backpack? Additionally, is the battery life bad? I'm looking at the O2 for my LCD-2 portable rig once I have it.
    Oh, and another thing: How does the O2 do driving the HD800? People have told me they don't play nice with each other.
  8. GL1TCH3D

    I've never had my O2 die on me on the go so I'd say it's pretty good.

    I have to keep my source and O2 in my backpack (it'll never fit in a pocket). This makes it annoying when I'm getting texts so I'm contemplating getting another source (which will also let me hold more which is nice).

    Well the soundstaging of the O2 is very limited... That in itself might turn people away because part of the appeal of the HD800 is the immense soundstage.

    The O2 is a very neutral and refined amp.

    At this point it depends on your preferences. I have the LCD2 so if I'm looking for a warmer sound I'll just use those instead.

    Besides that I'm currently enjoying my ODAC+O2 combo with my HD800 as I type this.

    (Other amps I've tried: EF5 (slightly warmer, much better soundstage, slightly less refined), EF6 (made them sound very dull...), Bryston (very harsh and treble happy which is a horrible pairing for the hd800), e17 (still quite harsh in the treble...))
  9. potatoos
    You have probably considered this, but if I were going to spend a lot of money on a portable source, I would want something like the DX100. Nothing can beat a simple all-in-one for portable use. That is assuming that it sounds decent enough. I haven't looked into it myself, because I don't have that kind of money for anything, let alone a dap.[​IMG]
  10. takato14
    Great info. Thanks.
  11. GL1TCH3D

    I'd probably go ipod classic > Algorhythm solo > O2 (or another amp if I find a portable one I like more) > headphones before I use a "high end" DAP.
    At the moment I'm more than content with my iPhone 4 LOD > O2 on the go (because quite frankly I'm not doing any super serious listening sessions on the go).
  12. takato14
    Back on topic: You know you're an audiophile when you ask a youtube artist to fix the bass distortion on one of their songs which you like a lot....
  13. miceblue

    Oh how I wish I could afford one of those...$829 is way out of my budget.
    The DX100 would definitely be my "all-in-one" device/reference DAC/amp of choice for a while, but I wish it had physical buttons so you can control your music while in your pocket and have a longer battery life (7 hours is kind of "meh" for me).
  14. GL1TCH3D

    I offered to pay some of them for the original lossless recordings on multiple occasions.
  15. cel4145
    You know you are an audiophile when you collect multiple versions of some of your favorite songs to find the best mastering [​IMG]
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