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You know you're an audiophile when...

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by ohhgourami, Mar 14, 2011.
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  1. Doc-holliday
    Ok who here has never gotten the "It's not another pair of headphones is it?!" from the wife/girlfriend/roommate etc. when you pronounce that you need to go downstairs to pick up a package?
  2. miceblue
    ...when you're at your college's bookstore and you take a look at an electrical engineering book (microcircuits) and you're jealous that the book has a whole unit dedicated to audio and the types of DAC's and amplifiers used in modern portable electronics.
    ^ as much as I am jealous, I'm still devoted to stem cell tissue engineering. XD
    ...when you're sitting in a history of China class and during the 10 minute break, you start talking to the guy next to you, an EE major, about audio and circuits and then he suggests a class for me to take.
  3. takato14
    The FR Graph can be very helpful in determining differences in sets. If you own a headphone that has been measured, you can take a look at the graphs for other headphones to help pick out a set you'll like. While it is not perfect it does give a good general idea of the tonal balance. 
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  4. takato14
    Oh my GOD, it bothers me so much when my parent's say "ANOTHER headphone?!" and the like. I try so hard to explain that different headphones sound different, but they just don't understand it...
  5. Doc-holliday
    Yea well I got that exact question today when going to grab the mail.... and guess what?...... it WAS another pair of headphones. :)
  6. takato14
    My parent's are gonna get a curveball soon: I'm ordering an amp this time [​IMG]
    Then again, explaining what one of THOSE is for will probably be even harder...
  7. GL1TCH3D

    I don't even have a car because I spent it all on headphones...
  8. lezzmeister
    When I still lived at home I'd have new speakersets every 3-6 months, each bigger and louder than the last.
    Mom was thrilled when I went for headphones instead.
  9. zeinharis
    none.,. since all my packages always sent to my office [​IMG]
  10. wuwhere Contributor
    Not me. My wife was always out of town when my headphones, DAC and tube amp were delivered. [​IMG]
    The only packages she knows are the flat square ones, they're CDs.
    She just figured out the small rectangular brown boxes, they're vacuum tubes.
  11. cel4145
    I'm not allowed to send any more audio equipment to my son. My EX says, "he doesn't have any room in his room." Of course he does have room in his room, but it's just the attitude that it's not worth the money. 
    But IEMs, well, those I can sneak by her [​IMG]
  12. Tangster
    One lucky son there. I tend to get the disapproving stare whenever audio things come through the post. At least they think most of it is in the £50 price range...if only they knew.
  13. takato14
    You know you're an audiophile when you have to lie about the price of your equipment to avoid a conflict with your parents....
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  14. GL1TCH3D

    All the time...
    I originally told them I paid about $500 for my 2 headphones but my dad looked them up and freaked when he saw I was bringing them to school.
  15. miceblue
    What you bring your HD800's and LCD-2's to school?
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