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You Know You're an Audiophile When.. Version 2!

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  1. Tangster
    YKYAA when you always watch youtube videos in 720p for the better audio bitrate.
    ...You ask your parents to let you have a haircut to get a better seal with your headphones
  3. Vlooienuker
    When your audio rig costs more than your car.
  4. Kimx2310
    When you know the owner of a music store (who also sells headphones) and he shows you his new headphone stock everytime you visit even though he knows you're only gonna buy something 1 out of 50 times.
    Also when you give your apple earbuds away because they're too crappy.
  5. Currawong Contributor
    When you have a terrible electricity bill because you leave your gear on all day to ensure you get the best sound quality when you arrive home.
    When you repeatedly blow the main fuse while cooking because you've left your hi-fi gear switched on.
  6. nikkojames15

    You give them away? I disect mine.. >:))

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  7. Nixon
    YKYAAW you come up with said acronym in the old thread [​IMG]
    Also, when you forget to eat lunch and dinner because you're distracted by music.
  8. hifimanrookie
    That last thing actually happened to me once..i completely forgot to have dinner once..only when my stomach began to growl i knew i didnt eat..that was at 22:00 pm 3 hours later then normal..ouch
  9. nikkojames15
    YKYAAW you want to see a Jecklin Float in the wild. [​IMG]
  10. Nixon
    When you get rather annoyed at Samsung for not enabling usb audio in the jellybean update for the galaxy note.
  11. streetdragon
    YKYAAW you do this at the local audioshop :)

    LGN Crossfire likes this.
  12. beerguy0
    YKYAAW when you know more than most of the sales people in an audio shop.
    YKYAAW when the shop is really busy, and the staff asks you to help a customer.
    AHorseNamedJeff and SandAndGlass like this.
  13. Tangster
    YKYAAW you do this at home.
    sfo1972 likes this.
  14. streetdragon
    not so fast,gotta buy them first[​IMG]
  15. streetdragon
    another note: YKYAAW you are just slightly upset about this video. and how it feeds the already overhyped FOTM in head-fi

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