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You Know You're an Audiophile When.. Version 2!

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  1. Music Alchemist
    How do you like the X1, by the way? Any comparisons of its sound to other DAPs?
  2. kcdkjqqr
    Yeah but WMP doesn't support FLAC. How do you live?
  3. TRapz
    Transferring is taking a while (am I supposed to copy the folders from "My Music" onto the X1..? It's what I'm doing, and it's taking a lot of time). I'll try to do some explanations of sound once I listen for a bit, but I've only got my iPod Touch 4 (audio jack is somewhat broken) and portable CD player to compare to.  
  4. kcdkjqqr
    Ugh I really want a DAP but in waiting the for the Fiio X3K. I'm dying.
  5. TRapz
    WMA Lossless! I also used ALAC and AIFF for about 4 albums (went back to WMP though). I couldn't get FLAC to work about 6 months ago and I already knew how to work with WMP and its files, so I just stuck with it. Once I get a new laptop this spring I'll probably re-try FLAC and foobar, and re-rip my collection. 
  6. kcdkjqqr
    Wow. Yeah FLAC is really weird to get working at first, but its easy once you get the hang of it. lol I don't know of anyone that uses WMA pro.
  7. razor5cl
    I just use Winamp. I love the UI, I prefer text-heavy to fancy colours shapes and album art.
  8. kcdkjqqr
    That's what I like about foobar. If you want more text heavy you can customize it to do so. If you like album art, visualizations, etc you can do that too. You can save layouts, or download them from others. Very cool.
  9. kcdkjqqr
    YKYAAW you can't wait for Foobar2000 for android.
  10. Music Alchemist
    YKYAAW you use a line out dock cable to bypass your DAP's internal amp to feed a cleaner signal to an external amp.
    Well, I've been comparing my portable system with and without the FiiO L9 line out dock cable and FiiO FUJIYAMA-E06 portable headphone amplifier. The QC15 seems to sound slightly better with them. (There may be larger differences with the M40x, but I'll have to wait until I get it back.) I'm not sure if the extra trouble is worth it, though. I typically put my iPod in my pocket and pace back and forth while listening to music, so I have to shove it all in there. Plus there's yet another device to charge now. On the positive side, I can easily access the amp's volume control without having to take everything out of my pocket just to change the volume.
    Ripping is when you rip CDs to a digital audio file format. Transferring the files from a computer to a DAP is not ripping.
    If you need technical support, contact FiiO, look on their website, or research threads on the topic.
    WMA files are not compatible with many devices and programs. Just something to keep in mind.
    If you ever want to convert lossless files to another lossless format, you don't need to re-rip any CDs; just convert the files, since the data is lossless and therefore identical to the CD. foobar2000 can do this, but I prefer dBpoweramp.
  11. TRapz
    Totally didn't realize I said ripping lol. Was ripping CDs earlier today, must've been thinking of that. Almost done transferring all my files to the X1.
    YKYAAW you mess up the terms used to describe what you're doing with your lossless files
  12. Music Alchemist
    It would be a better use of your time in the long run if you avoided WMA files, due to the aforementioned lack of universal compatibility. You will most likely convert to another lossless format (like FLAC, ALAC, AIFF, or WAV) in the future.
    YKYAAW you use dBpoweramp to convert multiple files at once, depending on how many processors your computer has. (Four in my case.)
  13. TRapz
    So a couple first impressions after listening for a few minutes:
    Woah, bass got really cleaned up. From my iPod and CD player, on the Shure SE215, the bass was somewhat muddy. Especially evident on "Snow (Hey Oh)" by RHCP. Everything's very clear, much more than my iPod. I've got EQ settings so that treble is up just a bit, and everything sounds great. Things sound less congested, and somewhat forwards. Vocals are great, it sounds pretty neutral, maybe some warmth to it. Certainly much harder to use than an iPod, but that was expected, and some of the problems I'm having with files (Unknown album, etc) are my fault. Listening on my SRH440s, no EQ, there is certainly a little warmth. Vocals are just slightly forwards; with the forwards vocals on the SE215, I love it. It works VERY well with the SE215. Gives a little life to the SRH440s, which are somewhat bass-light. Acoustic guitars sound great. Loving the little bit of extra bass with the SRH440 on the song "The Distance" by Cake and on "White America" by Eminem. Great separation. This is all compared to my iPod Touch 4 and Optimus CD-3450 CD player. 
    Edit: Just gotta say, "Sail" by AWOLNATION is addicting to listen to with this and the SE215. Controlled, strong bass, with vocals in your face, screaming "SAIL" is wonderful. All instruments separated well, may not be the best due to the SE215.
  14. Music Alchemist
    I just shared some new ambient and rap releases on my free music thread, if anyone's interested.
    Cool stuff! Looks like there will be a 6th generation iPod touch coming out very soon. I wonder how the X1 compares to the iPod classic. Doesn't matter to me anymore, though, since I plan on selling mine and getting a Schiit stack this month.
  15. TRapz
    Hoping to get the Schiit Fulla this spring; the rest of my Christmas money I have now will go to more CDs and records. I recall hearing on the Fulla thread that the Fulla is something like 80% as good as the Magni/Modi stack, which I've tried, and was wonderful. Schiit really makes some great products for great prices. 
    YKYAAW you don't know anything about the new iDevices coming out, but are keeping track of some of the new high-res DAC/amps and DAPs
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