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You Know You're an Audiophile When.. Version 2!

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  1. cb3723
    YKYAAW you religiously change stock headphone cable on every new pair of cans, for a silver super conductive braided carbon fibre bling black widow stealth scorpion viper ultraness mk5000, premium elite version with bells on...
  2. cb3723
    YKYAAW your custom cable to replace the stock one on your headphones, cost more than your headphones...
  3. cb3723
    YKYAAW you agonize between leather or super suede ear pads
  4. cb3723
    YKYAAW you spend more time discussing gear than you do listening to music
  5. cb3723
    YKYAAW you've already forgot about dre...

  6. cb3723
    YKYAAW you start getting used to Tyll Hertsens shirts...:D

  7. Redcarmoose

    Or when your cables cost more than your amp.
    cb3723 likes this.
  8. kilspeed111
    YKYAAW When a friend says 'aiaiai' and you immediately think about the Aiaiai headphone brand.
    cb3723 likes this.
  9. PalJoey

    The extreme incurable types try to justify wearing Jecklin Floats while jogging!
  10. ZMZB
    YKYAAW you never make it through airport security without being subjected to ungodly amounts of scrutiny.
  11. cb3723
    YKYAAW the abbreviation "XS" no longer means extra small - it means the new v-moda headphone :)

  12. cb3723
    YKYAAW headphones become to you as shoes are to women - you can never have enough of them :p
  13. Redcarmoose
    You know your one when you walk by a pretty girl in a close alley but only pay attention to the headphones around her neck.

    After identifying the head phones she says something to you to start conversation but you continue to walk by.
  14. kilspeed111

    Which headphones were they? Haha
  15. Redcarmoose
    A new Sony model but I think she thought I was looking at her milk glands?
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