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You have $3000 and want to buy headphones or IEMS

  1. 21qz
    Which ones you buying if today and why?
  2. pbui44
    Ya know, if I had $3,000 to spend on headphones, IEMs, AND sources together...

    Open-back Over-Ear: iBasso SR1 ($500)
    Closed-back Over-Ear: Audeze Mobius ($400)
    Closed-back IEM: CCA 16 ($85)
    Desktop DAC/Amp: Audio-GD NFB-1AMP ($485)
    Laptop/Tablet: Micro$oft Surface Pro 6 ($800)
    DAP: HiBy R3 ($200)
    Other: New phone, raspberry pi and supplies, threads, whatever ($530)
  3. wink
    Been there, done that....
  4. wink
    Had money, all spent
    Empty wallet
  5. pbui44
  6. wink
    Did I forget to mention empty head.....?:ksc75smile:

    On second thought, If my head was empty, the echo of the sound reverberating in there would have upset the sublime listening experience.......:ksc75smile::ksc75smile::ksc75smile:

    No regrets, no worries - the trip and knowledge gained was worth it.......:L3000::L3000::L3000::L3000::L3000:
  7. wink
    ipso facto......
  8. lizardpanda

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