Yggdrasil with USB-C / 3.5mm Macbook

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by christophhh, Oct 28, 2017.
  1. christophhh
    I've got a Yggdrasil and Ragnarok and I'm trying to figure out the best way to use my Macbook as an audio source with the Yggdrasil.

    I'm wondering if a USB B to USB-C cable will be OK. Or if an optical to 3.5mm jack (but digital to analog in the cable can't be proper)?

    More or less wondering if USB B to USB-C is ok with this setup or if an optical to 3.5mm is less quality / looses signal quality etc. Or if there is something else I'm not realizing is a better way to hook up (my macbook has no other inputs other than USB-C and 3.5mm).
  2. PurpleAngel Contributor
    If your Macbook has a S/PDIF optical output port (sometimes it's the same 3.5mm jack as for the headphones).
    Then you would connect the Macbook's optical output (3.5mm?) to the external DAC's (or DAC/amp) optical input port (all digital signal, no analog involved)
    But to me there is nothing wrong with using USB, it's so simple and easy to use.
  3. christophhh
    Right..but my Macbook only has USB-C - can I use an adapter with a USB B to USB A plug? Or is there a USB B to USB C plug that is OK for audio usage like this? My new Macbook Pro does not have S/PDIF optical output in the 3.5mm jack, Apple removed it from their pro line.

    So would a USB B to USB A with a USB A to USB C adapter be ok?

    EDIT: Cables like this ok?
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  4. jcn3
    USB is USB, Just need the right cable termination. So yes, you can use the adapter. No problem with that.

    Why not get a USB b to USB c cable? I think that's the better move.
  5. wasupdog
    I use the regular a to b cable and then an apple 3" usb c adapter to my MacBook and it works fine. I just hooked up an eitr to my yggy and it made a big difference in refining the sound so I definitely recommend one since you have a similar setup.
  6. PurpleAngel Contributor
    USB-C cables.
    Better to just use one cable, from Apple USB port to Schiit USB port, instead of using adapters.
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