Yet another newbie portable amp q
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Jun 1, 2002
Hi all!

While relative new to this forum I'm a long time portable sound addict.

about a month ago I bought my first amp, a super mini from fixup and I totally love the size, quality and battery life BUT IT LACKS A CROSSFEED FILTER! -and I really want that.

So now I ask you, the experts, were do I find a portable amp build with quality components, portable size (no semi-brick's), more the 50 hours of battery life, good crossfeed capability.

It will be used to drive my MDR-D66 and Grado SR-80.

I was thinking of somthing like fixup's super mini with crossfeed (variable crossfeed would be bliss).

As I'm not the soldering type I'm looking for someone to build one for me, and help get the sounds out of my head!!!

Thanks for your time.

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Have you thought about Meier Audio's Porta Corda. It sounds like exactly what you are looking for.

Which can be found at

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