Yarra Speaker System

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  1. sahmen
    For the record, I did order a 2nd unit from the link posted by @Dr. AIX . Thanks. The Yarra better deliver on all its promises:)
  2. Erik Garci
    My understanding is that you can shift the focus point to any distance within 3 to 15 feet. For example, if you are sitting 9 feet away, you would modify the focus point of the near field mode to be 9 feet.

    Maybe @Dr. AIX can clarify this today, his last day with the company.
  3. mlkri
    Does it mean you can use optical connection for the Realiser's output and simply turn Yarra's binauralization off? Why did you prefer analog connection?
  4. mlkri
    Can you in the same way turn off 'selecting HRTF configurations from a variety of presets' (in case of Realiser's output)?
  5. mlkri
    Good for you, man! I got additional concern today: 23% VAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  6. sander99
    HRTF filtering is part of binauralization, so if binauralization is turned off HRTF configurations don't matter.
  7. mlkri
    I payed few minutes ago !!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  8. Dr. AIX
    I just learned from our Indiegogo account person that the campaign will end at midnight on Friday 5/4. They did a promotion for us on their site and wanted to give people a chance to get the device. There are about 40 units left at the 50% discount link. Thanks for the support!
  9. mlkri
    Dr, AIX, thank you once more for your additional discount and your posts. The following quotes from your posts helped me to make my decision:
  10. mlkri
    I realised that I will have 2 subwoofers playing along with my Yarra sound projector in my Oppo-Realiser-Yarra chain.
    The first is the pre-Yarra and pre-Realiser one, bigger and deeper (up to 60Hz), connected to my Oppo player, usually playing along with my amp/speakers, but with them turned off in this case.
    The second one is the Yarra's own subwoofer, smaller and less deep (up to 150Hz).
    So, 2 simultaneous subwoofers, covering different ranges and complementing one another! Isn't that combination very interesting and promising?
  11. Erik Garci
    One issue to consider is that the audio will be slightly delayed by going through the Realiser and/or Yarra. So to keep the first subwoofer in sync, you might want to add a similar delay to it, or move it farther away, or feed the Realiser's tactile output to it, or feed the Yarra's subwoofer output to both subwoofers.
    Last edited: May 16, 2018
  12. mlkri
    You are right, thank you. But I would like to keep that subwoofer in it's original role - connected to the Oppo. You know, I use my amp/loudspeakers quite often. But, you used the word 'or' and not 'for example'. Does it mean that by 'add a similar delay to it' you mean there are some other methods, on the level of the Oppo itself (edit: except longer cable)?
    Last edited: May 17, 2018
  13. Erik Garci
    If the Oppo provides a way to set the speaker distances, you would set a shorter distance for the subwoofer (and/or set longer distances for the other speakers), thus the Oppo would increase the signal delay for the subwoofer. For example, if the subwoofer is set to 6 feet, and the other speakers are set to 15 feet, giving a difference of 9 feet or 108 inches, the Oppo would delay the subwoofer signal by 8 ms (108/13.5) relative to the other speaker signals, assuming that the Oppo uses 13.5 inches/ms as the speed of sound. This delayed subwoofer signal should be fed to the 1st subwoofer only (not to the Realiser, Yarra or 2nd subwoofer).
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  14. mlkri
    Thank you very much for the very useful instruction! Yes, Oppo provides a way to set the speaker distance. It applies to analog outputs only, so I can't mix it up with the output for the Realiser (HDMI). I will experiment with the different distances when the time comes.
  15. mlkri
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