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Jun 20, 2011
Yanyin Aladdin 3BA +1 Dynamic Driver Hybrid 2pin 0.78mm HiFi Audiophile In-ear Earphones IEMs

Ingenuity, completely natural

The medical resin shell with black quicksand texture is made by hand. Big data analysis shows that the earphone shape conforms to the auricle of the human body. It fits carefully and is more comfortable to wear.
Exquisite materials, meticulous research and development, upgrade the circle iron combination (1 dynamic + 3 balanced armature)
The sound of the bio-diaphragm dynamic is loose and natural, the low frequency is cohesive and strong, and the elasticity is very good. The balanced armature has beautiful sound and super resolution. The ultra-high frequency balanced armature has excellent extensibility, and the frequency response range reaches 22kHz.
The tri-frequency distribution is balanced, and the sense of energy is moderate. Both quality and sense of listening, adapt to various music types
The earphone adopts a single-sided 4-unit 3 crossover frequency, 3-independent tube design, and a 3 crossover frequency system is carefully designed using imported audio resistors and capacitors. The use of independent ducts for low frequency, mid-high frequency and ultra-high frequency reduces resonance harmonic distortion, so that the sound quality of each channel can reach the eardrum without loss.
You can enjoy beautiful music for a long time
A large amount of data is used to modify the modeling, and artificial body features make it more comfortable to wear.
Pure copper silver-plated earphone cable
The coaxial structure reduces signal interference and allows for lossless transmission of sound quality. The super soft wire skin coexists with both appearance and sound quality.
3.5mm gold-plated plug
3.5mm universal pin design, gold-plated plug with stronger sensitivity can reduce signal transmission loss and ensure high-definition sound quality and lossless transmission.
Model: Aladdin
Driver: 1 dynamic + 3 balanced armature
Frequency response: 5Hz-22kHz
Input sensitivity: 108dB
DRC: 10Ω
Material: medical resin custom earphone shell
Cable: low loss 2 strands silver-plated audiophile cable
Pin: 0.78mm detachable design
Plug: 3.5mm gold-plated plug
Yanyin Aladdin


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First out of box impression .

This is a new company that started in 2020. Made up of industry pros that decided to start their own thing. Don't know exactly what the history of the folks that make up this company but I do know one thing. Their very first offering called the Aladdin here is gonna make some waves.

Aladdin is comprised of 3 Knowles BAs and a 9.2mm Biocellulos diaphragm handling the bass. While the configuration is nothing new. What is new is how expertly tuned this product is. Nothing about the package jumps out at me as a premium earphone or anything special, but the sound here is incredibly mature and I can tell has some experts at the helm. For a first time product from a no named manufacturer the sound of this hybrid even out of the box has refinements that is hard to get at the price point.

Tonality is very natural, airy, technically sound, dimensional with a holography that I was not expecting , I can tell they are using two Knowles BAs for the mids here as the imaging in the mids are outstanding, I recognize this design from much higher end offerings something like the TSMR-LAND or even Volts that utilize two BAs firing off in unison to get that mids imaging, the sound is so coherent it has a smoothness borderline silky in tonality.
These remind me a lot of the IBasso IT07.

Balancing is superb and has a very nicely refined articulate detailed treble which can make or break a hybrid tuning.
If you have ever heard biological dynamics. AKA VSonic GR07. This particular bass end sounds organic, agile and hits deep with a top of the line texture for sub bass.

Needless to say I am very impressed. These are going to be selling I believe for less than $250. Keep an eye out for this one. Absolutely superb sounding earphones.
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Vocals for the Aladdin is a standout. Folks that love a forward vocal tuning. These are amazing for vocals. Some of the best I have heard for vocal music. I have had other hybrids with much more BAs but I can clearly tell these guys have squeezed every bit of sound from each of their drivers on these. The sound is remarkable for the price. Almost unbelievable to be honest. I am just as surprised about these as I was the Geek Wold GK10. Maybe more so since these are clearly dealing with some of the best in the mid fi range of earphones.

Let me put it this way. There is a reason why I started their own thread. These are substantial. I hope to get some early adapters to chime in soon when they get their sets. For now. The impression I left was out of the box. Nuts! Lol. I am gonna let them play some music overnight and hear them with a fresh ear tomorrow and see where they go.

These are nothing like some companies that have a huge marketing splash and then produce a sub par earphone. Out of the blue they create something that will compete with the absolute best in the segment and this is their first offering. I hear they have more to come that these folks are designing. I am more than impressed by what these guys can do with a few nicer drivers. Keep a watch on this thread as I have a feeling this one is gonna take off.
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How is the stock cable? Worthy, or better cables required?
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It is a thinner SPC cable. Good enough category. The impression I left was with the stock cable so it matches well with the tuning.

I havent even burned them in or did I even do any real tip rolling.
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Any hints of metallic BA timbre?
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Just some head-ups for my favorite tuner, Yanyin Technology has 3 lineup for now
- Aladdin (3BA+1DD)
- Canon (4BA+1DD with 3 switch - bass mid treble)
- Rosemary (8BA+1DD with 2 switch - bass treble)

in the picture is Aladdin and my own Rosemary which served as their flagship
and below is the graph for Rosemary (they used to be known as Sorry Audio)
Rosemary still my favorite Hybrid IEMs, even i own VX i still casually listening to Rosemary and still happy with my purchase for it
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Vs ROSE QT-9 MK2? How's isolation and comfort? how close they are to ibasso it07? :) Together with Land Ibasso it07 was my closest bet for my new set :)
@Dsnuts people started echoing my question...give it to us!!!
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This is intriguing! Not too keen on that Aladdin text though. Will be in the market for more IEMs soon, will be keeping an eye on these.
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yeah, more great sets incoming,
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Hopefully they've solved the failure issues that plagued the GR07 biocellulose drivers.

I am an absolute sucker for bang for $ champions, but that bench mark is forever shifting at the moment it seems. One week someone crowns an $800 set that competes in the TOTL $2k+ range, next it's this $250 sets competing with said $800 sets.

So do these keep up with stuff like the Monarch/Clairvoyance?

I should probably keep out of the discovery thread, I'm always waiting for the goal posts to shift rather than actually ordering something :)

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